Our projects

We analyze processes, design and develop software solutions, put them into operation and provide support. You can find some of our previous projects here.

Typical project sequence

Every project we take into work is unique. But in general, we have a pattern that describes our approach. Please refer to the samples of case studies for some of our previous projects for the details.

We prefer the Agile working methods to manage our work, as they are the most suitable for such projects as the mobile/web apps development and also assure the appropriate quality of communication between our team and the customer.

And here, let us tell how we work on a project from the very beginning.

The Path of the Project: 5 Steps on the Way to a Mobile or Web Application

In close coordination with you and under agile working methods we deliver an all-round carefree package to get your mobile app or web application up and running. Typically, a project is divided into the following steps.

Mobile App
  • 1) Consulting and estimation

    Every project starts with an idea. Then you start to look for the people who can incarnate that idea. Referring to alphaX, you get the free preliminary research on the concept. We define if it is feasible to make the solution that will perform the tasks you need. Then we evaluate the potential risks of such a project and estimate the costs of this work.
    We present you full information, and it is up to you to decide if you start this project with us. The advice is free of charge and non-binding.

  • 2) Workshop and Concept

    So, you’ve chosen our team to embody your ideas by creating practical solutions. At the “workshop” stage we develop the vision of the product. We define its features and their importance, discover their functionality and prioritize them all. We plan the architecture of the future product and study the required processes.
    The result of this stage of work is the roadmap with the sequence of the tasks we must do, that we group and set as milestones.

Mobile App
Mobile App
  • 3) Project plan

    This plan is an overview of the planned activities and work conditions. From this document, you get the information about the delivery schedule – the timeframe for the features. We also present the team of employees responsible for each milestone and define the budgets for each phase.

  • 4) Development

    The process of creating the product itself. We stay in touch with the customer during that period and coordinate our work together. To assure transparency and proper communication, we run regular meetings for you and the team representatives. There you will discuss the course of work and the progress, and consider any changes you might need. You follow the development process and have your control.

Mobile App
Mobile App
  • 5) Commissioning and delivery

    We offer full transparency, you have full control and together we have a successful project. You get the ready product with documentation and support. We assure that all the contract obligations are implemented from our side.
    In our AGB you will find the essential contractual bases, will of course be happy to respond to your wishes within the scope of an order and make you an offer.

Showcase Projects

Click on the individual projects for more details on the challenges, goals and results. You will also find information on the field of application, the technologies used, the scope and the services we have provided.

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