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Web App Development

Web Applications are one of the most popular forms of software. They look forward to replacing traditional desktop apps. Besides, this form matches the latest trends of maximum mobility where users need to access resources from any location and any device. That's why more and more companies incline to use web apps to provide their services.

A Web Application has many pluses, among them:

  • Such apps can cover more audience.
  • Availability via a browser from any device and location.
  • Better servicing clients with fast innovative solutions.
  • Instant distribution of the service and updates and upgrades.
  • Less support and maintenance costs
  • Absence of conflicts caused by the system or hardware incompatibility.
  • The web application development process is faster and can be performed by smaller teams.
  • It is much more flexible due to the variety of different technologies applicable.

This type of application runs on all major browsers and can replace desktop applications.

Technologies we use for web applications development

In most cases, our team will pick the technology which suits the task best of all. Our expertise covers all the current technologies applicable in web apps development. Still, if you need the solution made with a definite technology to match your existing environment, we can offer you to choose the system yourself.

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Web applications created by our team

Web apps are widely used on websites, and some websites are single-page or multi-pages applications themselves. No matter if you need a full-functional online shop or a one-page business card, our team will have a solution.

The products we created belong to all the main categories of web applications. We develop online shops, business cards, and specific web apps elements to add more functionality to the existing “traditional” websites. See them yourself, as the real product is worth thousands of words.

An e-commerce online shop VeggieFlora

A separate purchasing solution in an internal site SAP buying

A security solution providing the two-factor authentication for the Partner Gate users.

These are only a couple of work examples. Our team can gladly face any challenge.

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