The alphaX Process

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The alphaX Process

Typical project sequence

Every project we take into work is unique. But in general, we have a pattern that describes our approach. Please refer to the samples of case studies for some of our previous projects for the details. We prefer the Agile working methods to manage our work, as they are the most suitable for such projects as the mobile/web apps development and also assure the appropriate quality of communication between our team and the customer. And here, let us tell how we work on a project from the very beginning.

The alphaX Process

Our 5 steps of software development

In close, regular coordination with you and under agile working methods, we deliver an all-round carefree package to get your mobile app or browser-based application. That is our joint recipe for success!

step 1
Step 1

Consulting and analysis

Every project starts with an idea or a challenge that needs to be overcome. We advise you fully at this stage, taking into account all the variables that are present in your case. We are aware that every customer is unique. That is why we have absolute experts on board who can empathise with you and suggest ways and possibilities where you might not have even imagined them. After the consultation, you have already gained a lot. A detailed analysis and a roadmap are in place – now it’s time for implementation.

step 2
Step 2

Conception and planning

In this phase we develop the technical vision of the product and define the necessary features of the product through bilateral exchange with you. This results in the backlog, in which all tasks are prioritised and assigned to the respective developers. On the basis of the concept and the planning, the client is usually provided with an even more precise estimate of the effort required and the project schedule is also defined.

step 3
Step 3

UI/UX design and development plan

The user interface / user experience design. Wireframes or a clickable first minimal product (click dummy or prototype) provide visual information about how the finished product should look and how the end user can move around in it. From this point on, the effort for the overall development can be quantified quite precisely in hours and the development plan is created. This plan is an overview of the planned activities and working conditions in the development. From this document you will get the information about the delivery plan – the time frame for the individual development steps. We introduce you to the team of people responsible for each milestone.

step 4
Step 4


The process of creating the product itself. During this time, we stay in contact with the client and coordinate our collaboration. To ensure transparency and proper communication, we hold regular meetings for you and the team representatives. There you discuss the workflow and progress and take into account any changes. You follow the development process and have control. We report progress and activities to you on a weekly basis so that you are always aware of who from our team has been working on what exactly. During development and after each sprint, the product is continuously tested for quality assurance.

step 5
Step 5

Commissioning and support

At the end of the project, the product is put into operation – with everything that goes with it. This often includes the training of employees and users. We are also there for you during the entire period after commissioning! If the product needs to be adapted or extended, maintenance is due or a support request arises – we are there for you!

In our alphaX process offer full transparency, you have full control. We look forward to our joint project with you!