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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the main tools of modern days. If a business wants to be a success, it needs to cover users who prefer doing tasks from their smartphones and tablets. As a result, several trends have stood apart in software development:

  • Mobile website versions which are perfectly adapted for smartphones;
  • Native apps that are meant for the target mobile OS;
  • Hybrid apps to match any mobile OS.

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at the current mobile app development tendencies.

Native mobile applications development

A mobile app is called native in case it is designed and specifically crafted for the particular OS – mostly iOS and Android. For this purpose, “Swift” or “Objectiv-C” are used for IOS apps and “Kotlin” or “Java” are used for Android apps. As a rule, businesses need to cover both these areas. Thus, most of the popular services have iOS and Android mobile apps versions. Users download them from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Pluses of the native mobile applications:

  • The speed and the highest quality of performance in the environment;
  • They are better responsive to mobile devices;
  • Better integration with the OS and 100% usage of hardware features (for example, acceleration sensor, push notifications, photo camera, phone calls and more);
  • The UI is perfectly adapted for the OS of your choice;
  • Easier to test, debug and maintain.
  • The best choice if your target only the Android or only iOS users.
  • Higher performance
  • More security
  • Easier personalization
  • Access to Native APIs

These advantages indicate the main trouble which the client would meet: If your customers are both iOS and Android users, you need two native mobile apps. Therefore, there must be two teams developing them. Despite said advantages, native app development is time-consuming and costly. However, there is an alternative: Hybrid Mobile Apps.

Hybrid mobile applications development

A hybrid solution (also referred to as cross platform) means that, unlike native apps, the frontend is programmed only once and can be used in multiple mobile operating system environments. Various frameworks such as Flutter, React Native or Ionic can be used for this purpose.

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Pluses of the hybrid mobile applications:

  • Cover multiple markets with one solution;
  • Shorter development process – The same code can be shared between the two main platforms (Android and iOS).
  • The most affordable option for each customer.

Technologies we use for mobile apps development

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How we create mobile apps on demand

The company works with the client’s idea to turn it into a well-elaborated concept and then to create a product that will meet all the requirements.

  • We run deep research to indicate the niche of the potential product on the market, the competitors, and the ways to outplay them;
  • There are experts in all technologies who can develop a hybrid or native app for any platform;
  • The separate team working on the design and the databases will match these two sides of the product in one whole working solution;
  • We test the product thoroughly before release and support it;
  • Documentation will be compiled and presented for future references.

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Mobile apps are popular and became necessary for everyone. A modern user armed with a smartphone or tablet can do almost everything. And if some tasks are problematic so for, it only means that the appropriate app for them is not yet released.

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