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Hosting Services

Hosting services are associated with websites, and they are essential for these web resources. A dedicated website is one of the key elements of any modern business. However, there is another leading trend of the latest years. It dictates that more and more companies choose to migrate to cloud-based platforms. The same goes for web applications that replace traditional desktop solutions. The cloud solutions are the most suitable means to serve great audiences. They are perfect for the multi-user access, as there is the immediate reaction on any request and updates.

Hence, any IT company should provide appropriate services to the clients as a part of the full package of the product development. Our team develops the software itself and it also covers all hosting services to operate the solution correctly.

Main factors to consider when you choose the web hosting services

  • Speed and stability of performance. Any web-based resource must ensure fast and smooth performance. The load time of a page is one of the most influential issues of the user experience. Users are always pleased if the pages they deal with are responsive.
  • This is even a more important factor. Everybody is concerned about where the data are stored, and if it is safe enough to store them at those locations. The web hosting platform must implement all the demanded security means to protect the servers and the software stored on them. Among them, one could mention SSL, server and network firewalls and antivirus software, using private servers, etc.
  • A reliable web hosting provider must perform regular backups of all data. Then in case of attacks, or due to any other reason, the owners would be able to restore all information.
  • Constant technical support is a distinction of a good web hosting service. The providers will inform the clients about all issues of downtimes of other failures and keep them updated about all the news. A trustworthy provider offers round-the-clock support with the possibility of live communication.
  • Email hosting. This service can be optional; however, email remains the primary means of correspondence on the Internet. That’s why the owner or the web-based solution will need the system of regular email notification and correspondence. Note that cloud-based solutions give more possibilities to use automation methods.

How we deal with the web hosting providing tasks

Most of the assignments we receive are associated with the development of web application from scratch. However, there are also tasks on moving the clients’ capacities to the cloud. In any case, the work starts from the goals’ definition.

  • We select the provider for the product to run on its servers. Our company deals with trustworthy providers only and uses Amazon Web Services. We offer several variants for you to choose from with the description of advantages and pricing policies. Our company works with the dedicated secure servers only. If you already know which web hosting provider you want to use, we’ll work with it.
  • We compose a roadmap for the task. It includes development of the web applications concept, architecture, and business requirements. Then we pick the best technologies to implement them. In cases of migration to the cloud we also need to re-architect the entire solution.
  • The team will transfer all the necessary data to the cloud and adjust all the settings to ensure correct performance.
  • The management will not stop when the task is completed. On your demand, we can provide constant support for the web-based system.
  • We provide any additional services that you would require. We cover domain names, mail servers, website hosting, blockchain nodes, etc.

The choice of web hosting services is one of the most important factors in modern software development. It means as much as the quality of the code itself. Even the most advanced application can perform poorly due to the limitations of the server.

Also, the security level of the web hosting defines the safety of any data provided by you, your visitors, or gathered by the application. The question is essential, and it is impossible to omit it, by no means.

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