AlphaX - Project



Sam Harry

Founder & MD of Jobify Ltd

"Having worked with alphaX on a previous project, choosing them to develop Jobify was a no brainer! From the very beginning - alphaX has assisted with conceptualising the concept, through to bringing it to life. I look forward to launching Jobify, together."

Product description

This is a platform for networking job providers and job seekers.


The platforms that exist on the market specifically search for workers within a region and are less suitable for short-term team building for projects, especially on an international level. Price negotiation usually cannot take place in such platforms either. On the other hand, there are restrictions when it comes to posting jobs with a specific budget and certain conditions, which is equally independent of currencies and location of the employee. Furthermore, high usage costs for established platforms are another disadvantage. Moreover, such platforms are only to be seen as intermediaries and usually do not give their users any guarantee that the money will flow at the end of the project.


With “Jobify”, the job seeker does not submit a traditional application to the job provider. Instead, he/she makes an “offer” and both parties can have a project-based collaboration. The offer is either accepted/rejected by the job provider or the candidate gets a counter proposal. This is how the collaboration is created. In this process, the platform operator ensures that the contractor receives his compensation at the end of the project.

Furthermore, the job providers have the possibility to create a company page and thus present their business and projects.
Through the admin panel, the platform operator has the ability to manage the user accounts and, if necessary, customize or expand databases within the platform.
Ease of use of the platform (user experience), consideration of the needs of different user groups, high performance even with high load on the servers, possibility of user ratings in platform etc. were also part of the requirements list of the project.


  • Company: Jobify.com
  • Industry: B2C / B2B / C2B / Personnel consulting
  • Operational area: UK, EU, USA (in future global)
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Going live: August 2022

Technologies used

  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: Nodejs
  • Design: Figma