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We are the experts for digitization. For over 15 years, we have been developing software and driving the digitization of start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. The industries vary a lot, we are strong in FinTech, EduTech, PropTech, HR, Social Networks, Supply Chain to e-Commerce and many more. Meet us in Munich, virtually or at your place – simply contact us.

With current and stable technologies we build innovative mobile apps, browser-based applications and software that make life easier and more exciting. All of our 20 employees have a technical, academic background and are absolute professionals in their field. Our colleagues will be happy to introduce themselves to you.

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If you want to have a software project implemented, then we are exactly the right people for you.

We offer you the full program, from simple, small prototypes to large-scale projects for several million users. Find here more of our services in detail. If you want to implement a software project or are looking for consulting, we are exactly the right people for you. We can offer you the full program, from simple, small prototypes to large-scale projects for several million users or accompany you on your way there. We will also be happy to work with you to develop new technologies. Under our projects you will find numerous examples of previous projects. Typically, we clarify the feasibility and rough scope of your project in an initial consultation. In further steps we sit down together and work out the concrete roadmap for implementation. We assemble the team of suitable developers, testers and, if necessary, designers, work out the individual milestones with you and are always available for you with personal contacts. The procedure for such a project flow is often similar. Meet us in person in Munich, get to know the team and contact us. In this way an idea for a mobile app or web application becomes a finished product that meets your requirements.

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Stand with Ukraine well paid work

The war in Ukraine is now presenting us with new challenges. For example, one of our developers is currently locked up at home without heating and running water because of firefights in the street in front of his apartment.

Our Blog

Here you will find articles about us, our projects and what moves and drives us.
You can find a preview in the following section, all other articles can be found on our blog.

  • Partnership with Open Technologies B.V.

    Partnership with Open Technologies B.V.

    Today we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Opentalent.co – a young and promising online service that helps clients from large companies to find employees for their companies. We as alphaX have recognised the importance of this product and believe that we can successfully work together and offer any kind of support to our clients. Opentalent is a startup that hits the mark: new opportunities for remote jobs from large, industry-defining companies. Due to the invite-only policy, the…
  • Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim

    Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim

    Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim Machine Learning is a future-oriented technology that brings with it a multitude of use cases. A well-known and everyday use case is the recognition of objects in pictures. Automated monitoring systems, AR applications or shop systems can offer scalable added value through this technology, which can open up entirely new business areas. We at alphaX DS are an experienced partner for various web and mobile apps. Our solutions make it possible to speed up…
  • Go Digital: Where and What for

    Go Digital: Where and What for

    Everybody heard about digitalization, but the concept is still vague for many. In most cases, it is about business. But it can be misleading. It is not even a question of reaching your customers on the Web – it is a new lifestyle you can’t avoid.  What is Digitalization?  Digitalization concerns all aspects of your business, like storing the data, communication, workflow, training, and so on. In brief, it means that you add the most cutting-edge digital technologies to all…
  • Self-driving Cars, Traffic Rules, and Blockchain

    Self-driving Cars, Traffic Rules, and Blockchain

    Every time that movie directors want to demonstrate technical excellence in the future, they show self-driving vehicles. Even James Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997) used a remotely-operated car on some occasions. It seems taken for granted: once the technical progress makes such things possible – we all will migrate to autonomous vehicles. It is 2020, and such cars are already on the roads. The world-leading companies like Amazon, Google, General Motors, and Tesla develop their own models. Even traditional cars…
  • Remote Work in Blockchain Style: Safe, Effective, Decentralized

    Remote Work in Blockchain Style: Safe, Effective, Decentralized

    Remote Work in Blockchain Style: Safe, Effective, Decentralized Remote work was always on the list. In the IT sphere, it is a more or less conventional style of work. Almost every employee of any IT agency had to work remotely time after time. But it was not until the COVID-19 global pandemic that it got a real impulse. With the states on lockdown and quarantines all over the world, it became inevitable. Too many businesses faced a vital challenge: either…
  • Agile Software Development

    Agile Software Development

    Agile Software Development Agile is a general term that stands for a complex set of methods in the software development process. It is one of the main approaches at the moment, as it proved itself to be very efficient in this field. Most of the software development teams prefer these methods. They are the best for managing efforts and communication. The distinction of the Agile approach is splitting the process into many smaller steps. On completion of the tasks from…
  • Blockchain Development and Consulting

    Blockchain Development and Consulting

    The main distinguishing features of blockchain Consistency – all data included in the blockchain databases do not conflict; Immutability – the information is registered in all blocks compiling the chains, and they oppose any attempt of changing; Decentralization – blockchain does not have any main servers, data fragments are evenly distributed between numerous machines. Blockchain is a technology applicable in many cases. It is possible to create both the desktop software and mobile apps using this functionality. The main item…
  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    Native mobile applications development A mobile app is called native in case it is designed and specifically crafted for the particular OS – mostly iOS and Android. For this purpose, “Swift” or “Objectiv-C” are used for IOS apps and “Kotlin” or “Java” are used for Android apps. As a rule, businesses need to cover both these areas. Thus, most of the popular services have iOS and Android mobile apps versions. Users download them from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.…
  • Web App Development

    Web App Development

    A Web Application has many pluses, among them: Better business-coverage – such apps can cover more audience. Availability via a browser from any device and location. Better servicing clients with fast innovative solutions. Instant distribution of the service and updates and upgrades. Absence of conflicts caused by the system or hardware incompatibility. The web application development process is faster and can be performed by smaller teams. It is much more flexible due to the variety of different technologies applicable. Ready…
  • Hosting Services

    Hosting Services

    Main factors to consider when you choose the web hosting services Speed and stability of performance. Any web-based resource must ensure fast and smooth performance. The load time of a page is one of the most influential issues of the user experience. Users are always pleased if the pages they deal with are responsive. This is even a more important factor. Everybody is concerned about where the data are stored, and if it is safe enough to store them at…
  • Automation and Lean Management

    Automation and Lean Management

    Advantages of Automation Automation, as it comes from its name, is the method of reducing the necessity of human interfering. It can fulfill routine and repeatable tasks that won’t require deep analysis and problem-solving skills. Another case of usage is the area where human errors can take place due to the tedious nature of the task. In this case automation would eliminate this possibility. Thanks to automation, human performers will be able to focus on more important assignments. The task…
  • Digital Security

    Digital Security

    CIA: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability These are the three pillars that the modern concept of the digital security lays on and any company must comply with them. The three criteria describe the below crucial aspects: Authorized or unauthorized access to information; Assuring the trustworthy of information; Managing access to information via physical means. Let’s consider the CIA concept in more detail Confidentiality is often confused with privacy, but they are different ideas. Confidentiality deals with any sensitive data and defines…
  • Quantum Computing

    Quantum Computing

    Quantum Computing 2019: the Year of Supremacy  2019 was indeed the year of the quantum computer. The idea of a computing device based on the quantum physics principles is as old as the personal computer itself, but it seemed fantasy for long decades.  However, in 2019, leaders of the sphere reported a breakthrough progress. Now we are on the threshold of even more significant discoveries waiting for us right behind the door.   But what is a Quantum Computer? At…


  • Matthias Zorn QR Mine

    Matthias Zorn

    Founder & MD

    “With alphaX, QR Mine has a competent and reliable partner at its side, with whom our innovative app could be brought to the market quickly.”

  • Reinald Schneller

    Reinald Schneller

    Director Procurement Automation, crossinx GmbH

    “AlphaX implemented our project quickly and reliably. Especially the project management and the quality of the finished application was very convincing, as we had a friendly and competent contact person who took care of all our requirements and wishes.”

  • Henning Güthe Associate Director KAYRO Solutions Ltd.

    Henning Güthe

    Associate Director KAYRO Solutions Ltd.

    “With alphaX’s fast and individual service, we can partially automate our marketing activities and thus make them more efficient and economical.”

  • Oliver Zimmermann Director EMEA vmware

    Oliver Zimmermann

    EMEA Director vmware

    “With alphaX and Mr. Hartmann we were able to modernize our internet presence and now present ourselves appealingly to our prospective customers”.

  • Henry Fudge

    Henry Fudge

    CEO 220 Group Ltd.

    “Incredible developer and serial entrepreneur with business savvy and experience as well as an all-around great guy. Mobile Apps Development as its best”

  • Gerlad Dieckhöfer Beint GmbH

    Gerald Dieckhöfer

    CEO beint GmbH

    “alphaX has proven itself to be an excellent and strong technology partner in the implementation of our founding project.
    Frank and his team of talented developers have perfectly adapted to our needs and, at the same time, provided advice with competence and commitment.”

  • Jonathan Hildebrand für Connact GmbH

    Jonathan Hildebrand

    CEO Connact GmbH

    “The team delivers super code at fair prices. alphaX works very professionally and customer-oriented. We are looking forward to further cooperation.”

  • Andreas Schreiner CEO Tamiva GmbH

    Andreas Schreiner

    CEO PartnerGate GmbH

    “The cooperation with Frank Hartmann and his team is very pleasant and fun due to his uncomplicated and friendly nature. He works very reliably and is highly solution-oriented”.

  • Tobias Geppert CEO markemotion GmbH

    Tobias Geppert

    CEO markemotion GmbH

    “It was the technical know-how of alphaX that enabled us to complete our Europe-wide virtual reality campaign for the new meeting concept of a leading hotel group.”

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Blockchain Development and Consulting

Blockchain Development and Consulting

Smart Contracts and distributed computing

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Native Android / iOS & Hybrid Frameworks

Web App Development

Web App Development

Creation, optimization and support for all browser related software

Hosting Services

Hosting Services

Dedicated Server, Webspace, Domains und Email

Automation and Lean Management

Automation and Lean Management

Efficient process design

Digital Security

Digital Security

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked a few essential questions, here is just an excerpt of perhaps the most interesting points.

What services do you offer?

We are passionate about developing software, preferably mobile apps and web applications because the technologies here are very similar and the fields of application are limitless. Whether for internal use, or as a public product – we have the solution. If you are looking for a solution and it can be built with software, then we can do that and we will be happy to advise you.

Do you also help creating a simple website?

Yes, definitely. For example a simple landing page, or to present a business, your own products or services, or as a personal business card, can be realized for only a few 100 Euros. Speak to us Contact possibilities can be found here.

How much does a mobile app or other solution cost?

We have fixed hourly rates and also offer package deals. Simply put, the more complex and complex the product, the more time it takes to develop it, the larger your budget must be. Simple, simple apps or applications can be realized from just a few hundred euros. For a prototype of an app, however, a low 4-digit amount can be assumed, but there are also prototypes that are more complex and then also in the 5-digit or even 6-digit range. It is best if we speak without obligation and give you a rough indication based on your ideas. Contact possibilities can be found here.

What do I need for you to develop a mobile app?

We need to understand what you want and need so that we can meet your expectations and reach our goal effectively and efficiently. All means of communication are helpful, the more the better. Do you have sketches, descriptions of features, pictures, diagrams or just the idea in mind – everything helps. We support you in the formulation or design process and are happy to provide you with suitable tools in case you need them. In typical project flow we will work out your vision, concretise it and together we will go into the implementation.

How long does it take for an app to finish?

That depends on how much time you give us, how complex your requirements are and how large the budget for implementation is. Essentially, these 3 factors are: time, complexity and resources variable and can be determined together in the course of project planning. Example: If you want to have a complex product in a short time, then we need more development resources. Or can we save on development resources and the product is simple, then we are finished in a shorter time. From a few weeks to several months or years, anything is possible here – preferably let’s talk about it in person

What kind of technologies do you use?

Plump said: We use what is necessary to implement the product according to your requirements. We have different developers with different preferences, of course many technologies are used more often than others. We continue to evolve by each colleague spending at least one hour a day dealing with an unfamiliar technology, thus broadening his horizon. We can familiarize ourselves relatively quickly with new technologies, but we are also affiliated with many development communities and exchange ideas there. We use all technologies that are stable and have a purpose – today there are many JavaScript derivatives that are rendered in real time by the user, 15 years ago there were more languages that were interpreted on the server side and then delivered to the user like PHP for example. Depending on what will be relevant in 5 years, we are prepared.

How can we contact you?

We use all virtual means of communication, are happy to meet you in person or you can meet us as a speaker at events. Our Blog reports on current news and here are the most important contact details.

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    HQ in Munich

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