AlphaX - Project


The Product Background

The MovieArtifacts is a platform that offers real props that were used by celebrities in real movies around the globe and their digital representation. The web application itself was created and designed for selling digital copies of artifacts converted to NFTs. It has a user-friendly and eye-catching interface as well as a list of innovative features. Also, It has an adaptive option for mobile devices.

The Task

alphaX developed an exclusively new platform by its structure, vision, and value containing unique digital NFT secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. The main tasks we were striving for were the following:

  • Creating unique pieces of digital tokens that are directly linked to a movie prop and can be collected.
  • Developing an interactive web platform for displaying and selling NFTs
  • Implementing a whitelist of Ethereum addresses who was admitted to purchase
  • Minting randomly an NFT on a fly which will be directly sent to the wallet where the funds originate from.

The Solution we created

Since NFTs are living on the Ethereum Blockchain, alphaX used a SmartContract technology to wide range our capabilities accordingly. The custom Smart Contract that our engineers implemented was written in Solidity’s programming language. It expanded blockchain technology’s use cases beyond cryptocurrencies which helped us to achieve the tasks above.

The Current Features

There were a number of features that needed to be implemented by alphaX to meet the project’s goals. Here are the main ones:

  • Creating the webpage with placeholders where the user can buy a random NFT
  • Displaying several NFTs from one category in one placeholder using the slider
  • Implementing a randomized minting function
  • Implementing whitelisting feature
  • Displaying all owned NFTs via the OpenSea platform
  • Connecting the MetaMask