Partnership with Open Technologies B.V.

Today we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Opentalent.co – a young and promising online service that helps clients from large companies to find employees for their companies. We as alphaX have recognised the importance of this product and believe that we can successfully work together and offer any kind of support to [read more here…]

Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim

Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim Machine Learning is a future-oriented technology that brings with it a multitude of use cases. A well-known and everyday use case is the recognition of objects in pictures. Automated monitoring systems, AR applications or shop systems can offer scalable added value through this technology, which can open up entirely [read more here…]

Go Digital: Where and What for

Everybody heard about digitalization, but the concept is still vague for many. In most cases, it is about business. But it can be misleading. It is not even a question of reaching your customers on the Web – it is a new lifestyle you can’t avoid.  What is Digitalization?  Digitalization concerns all aspects of your [read more here…]

Self-driving Cars, Traffic Rules, and Blockchain

Every time that movie directors want to demonstrate technical excellence in the future, they show self-driving vehicles. Even James Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997) used a remotely-operated car on some occasions. It seems taken for granted: once the technical progress makes such things possible – we all will migrate to autonomous vehicles. It is 2020, [read more here…]

Agile Development

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development Agile is a general term that stands for a complex set of methods in the software development process. It is one of the main approaches at the moment, as it proved itself to be very efficient in this field. Most of the software development teams prefer these methods. They are the best [read more here…]

Blockchain Development and Consulting

Blockchain is the technology that had until recently been associated with cryptocurrencies only. It is only several years ago that developers turned to the other aspects of this technology and defined much more prospects to apply it. As a result, blockchain is one of the most popular technologies on the market at the moment.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the main tools of modern days. If a business wants to be a success, it needs to cover users who prefer doing tasks from their smartphones and tablets. As a result, several trends have stood apart in software development:

  • Mobile website versions which are perfectly adapted for smartphones;
  • Native apps that are meant for the target mobile OS;
  • Hybrid apps to match any mobile OS.

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at the current mobile app development tendencies.

Web App Development

Web Applications are one of the most popular forms of software. They look forward to replacing traditional desktop apps. Besides, this form matches the latest trends of maximum mobility where users need to access resources from any location and any device. That’s why more and more companies incline to use web apps to provide their services.

Hosting Services

Hosting services are associated with websites, and they are essential for these web resources. A dedicated website is one of the key elements of any modern business. However, there is another leading trend of the latest years. It dictates that more and more companies choose to migrate to cloud-based platforms. The same goes for web applications that replace traditional desktop solutions. The cloud solutions are the most suitable means to serve great audiences. They are perfect for the multi-user access, as there is the immediate reaction on any request and updates.

Hence, any IT company should provide appropriate services to the clients as a part of the full package of the product development. Our team develops the software itself and it also covers all hosting services to operate the solution correctly.

Automation and Lean Management

Automation is a concept that covers practical solutions for improving functionality. Most often they mention automation in the context of the lean management methods.

Lean Management, in its turn, is a set of methods that should make all processes faster, smoother, and simpler. This concept came from manufacturing, and the software development industry found it useful as well.

Digital Security

The question of safety and security on the Internet is burning, as all types of sensitive data are gathered and saved online. There are identity documents, passwords, financial data, etc.

Leaks of such data are unacceptable and any IT-company must apply measures to protect these data.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing 2019: the Year of Supremacy  2019 was indeed the year of the quantum computer. The idea of a computing device based on the quantum physics principles is as old as the personal computer itself, but it seemed fantasy for long decades.  However, in 2019, leaders of the sphere reported a breakthrough progress. Now [read more here…]