New partnership with CFgO

We are glad to announce that we signed a new partnership with CFgO – a young and promising startup specialized in providing digital CFO (Chief Financial Officer) as a service. Its mission is to enable startups and SMEs to manage their financial accounts in a cost-efficient way to help them scale up.  

CFgO is an innovative startup: it allows its client companies to manage the fundraising, growth and sale of their company. Indeed, CFgO provides an experienced CFO to help its clients fundraise and obtain the liquidity needed to grow the businesses. Then, CFgO can also accompany its clients to grow by setting up, controlling and optimizing the financial process. Finally, CFgO also accompanies entrepreneurs to help them sell their companies at the right price to the right buyer.

CFgO understood the needs of startups and SMEs regarding time and money management. Managing its own accounts can be time-consuming. Hence, the startup developed an in-house software that automatically prepares everything a modern CFO needs. The accounts are then imported in seconds via API or CSV upload.  Then, startups and SMEs often have limited funds: finding a CFO is often unnecessary and too costly. That is why CFgO offers its services for a competitive price and a flexible formula where you pay what you need every month. For example, if you need more services on a given month because you are in a round of financing, you can pay more only for that month.

It is a pleasure to begin a partnership with CFgO. We hope that we will mutually enrich one another with our expertise. Learn more about their company at https://www.cfgo.de/


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