Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim

Partnership with Loci ML from Mannheim

Machine Learning is a future-oriented technology that brings with it a multitude of use cases.
A well-known and everyday use case is the recognition of objects in pictures. Automated monitoring systems, AR applications or shop systems can offer scalable added value through this technology, which can open up entirely new business areas.
We at alphaX DS are an experienced partner for various web and mobile apps. Our solutions make it possible to speed up processes, make them safer or improve interaction with the user.
Through the partnership with the Mannheim-based company Loci ML, both companies can improve their products and services.
Machine Learning will become more and more established in the business world in the future, which is why we are very excited about our new connection with Loci ML and expect an interesting exchange.
Also visit Loci ML on their website.
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