alphaX for big business

Large enterprises need digital services, even more than smaller groups. Thousands of employees and billions of revenues mean the evident need for digitalization. There are processes too complicated, and too many routing tasks that consume people’s time and resources. One of the most demanded IT service approaches for big businesses is to optimize such processes. [read more here…]

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Startups bei der Arbeit

alphaX for Startups: from idea to the product

Let’s start with the fact that you want to develop your own business. In this case, you will surely need digital support. If you have some job to do, the piece of software is a tool. It might be a mobile app or a web application. The goal is the same: use the Web capabilities [read more here…]

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Kleine und Mittelständige Unternehmen

alphaX for SME

Any small or medium enterprise (SME) wants to turn big. But it’s impossible without the proper IT support. Using advanced technologies is a vital necessity, and it is not only about reaching your customers in a digital space. Going digital, in fact, is hugely beneficial for any SME and in many aspects.  Two priorities are [read more here…]

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