For Startups: from idea to the product
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For Startups: from idea to the product

Let's start with the fact that you want to develop your own business. In this case, you will surely need digital support. If you have some job to do, the piece of software is a tool. It might be a mobile app or a web application. The goal is the same: use the Web capabilities to catch your future clients on their territory.

It is the reality of our days: we live in the digital world. It does not matter which field you explore – it must have a digital representation. It's great if you are a software engineer yourself or have a team of developers under your direction. If not, the best way is to hire a professional IT company – like alphaX.

alphaX has been supporting startups for many years. Building the software solution from a mere idea is one of our usual duties. And we can already claim there isn't any task impossible for us. We master technologies that let us build any solution for any goal. Mobile apps or responsive web sites, cloud technologies, or means of digital security – they all are in the scope.

What alphaX can do for startups

Some of our trademark projects were born as startups. Their owners had the concept only and wanted to bring it to life. Then they found our company, and we made it happen.

Here are the services alphaX offers for startups:

  • Evaluate the idea and technical feasibility for your startup;
  • Understand the ‘vision’ of the product and its scope;
  • Develop the strategy for the solution;
  • Elaborate the architecture and features;
  • Plan the detailed roadmap;
  • Build the application with the team of experts for each step;
  • Protect the data by the best means of digital security;
  • Support and improve the product.

Time is crucial. Are you sure that another team is not working on a similar product right at the moment? The speed of delivery often means the difference between failure and success.

alphaX gets your startup the most skilled and experienced team of developers capable of doing the job fast. Agile methods get you the working product as soon as possible or alter it at once when needed. You won’t waste funds for your startup. Invest in IT services, and let us care about the details.

The alphaX approach for building startups

Our professional policy rests on the most reliable pillars: our team, our processes, and our goals.

  • The team is the people working for us — all experts in one location, no delays or miscommunication due to the distance. We give you a comprehensive analysis of the idea and remain in touch during the development process. alphaX will consult you on both the technical and business issues. And we’ll always speak your language.
  • The processes are our work policy and professional ethics. We have developed fast and flexible methods of software engineering. Hence, we can offer you the most efficient solutions for your goals. The product comes with full documentation.
  • And our goals are simple: we resolve problems to make our customers satisfied. We have all the means for that – our team of experts, established communication, and advanced technologies. Many startups demand specific codes and non-standard approaches. alphaX has excellent expertise in doing such tasks.

You might have heard about the risky startup business. But the thing is, our world changes very swiftly. What seemed useless several years ago is on edge now. The future giants refer to the solutions impossible a couple of years ago. It is the right time to take your chance.

The goal is to launch the new hit product before your rivals will do it. With the professional IT support, you might join the success club, or lose the opportunity for good.

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