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For SMEs

Any small or medium enterprise (SME) wants to turn big. But it's impossible without the proper IT support. Using advanced technologies is a vital necessity, and it is not only about reaching your customers in a digital space. Going digital, in fact, is hugely beneficial for any SME and in many aspects.

Two priorities are in view now:

  • Automatize work and let people focus on more essential things.
  • Improve the web presence of your business.

Main trends of software development for SME arise from these goals:

  • ERP solutions for managing business processes.
  • e-Commerce apps.
  • Optimization and modernization of existing platforms.

alphaX is proficient with all these trends.

ERP software platforms

ERP stands for ‘enterprise resource planning’ – a suite of apps meant to build a work environment.  These are all kinds of tools for HR, communication, finances, order management, and so on.

A custom-designed ERP platform for SME is helpful with the following aspects:

  • Saving funds;
  • Improvement of data exchange between the boards;
  • Planning, tracking, and analysis of all processes;
  • Customer experience;
  • Enhancing work and organization at each stage.

There is one more factor you need to take into consideration: a proper apps suite is not stand-alone. In most cases, its owners want to integrate it into their existing business system. They seek adding more functionality to the usual tools to make the processes more efficient. But these innovations should not just replace their working tools. Thus, ERP software development for small/medium businesses is always a unique task.

e-Commerce solutions for Web

These days you can’t manage without a Web presentation of your company. It is true even if you own some traditional business with a bunch of loyal clients. Eventually, they will join their favorite Web platforms, and they will expect to find you there. For them, it is a question of ease. For you, it is a new battlefield where you compete. Let your rivals overplay you there, and you risk to lose your customers for good.

First of all, you need a decent website to describe your products or services. It must give your visitors detailed information and insights. It must also have a secure payment system and let them buy what they need at once. Modern responsive e-commerce websites are full-functional deputies of your firm.

Also, most owners need the combination of a website and a mobile app. Users prefer different channels to reach you. And you have to react to their requests coming from anywhere. Without the full coverage of the target audience, any business may fade.

If you need such services, here is what alphaX does for you:

  • Design and building of responsive websites.
  • Web apps.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Shopping carts.
  • Custom web solutions.
  • Secure payment systems – development and integration.
  • Digital security means.

E-Commerce apps for SME should focus on the customer experience. No matter if it is a website with a mobile-friendly version or a mobile app, it must be intuitive and easy to operate. We are aware of these demands, and we make the apps that meet them.

Optimization and modernization of IT systems

Besides building software from scratch, there is one more task equally important. Very often, SME owners need to adjust and upgrade existing platforms. You might use some IT solutions, and they might do all the tasks. But the code becomes obsolete.

It happens frequently. Programming languages evolve like a shot. A platform is a couple of years old only, but it will have issues communicating with other apps. It is always better to have your product written in a sharp modern code. It guarantees the best performance.

SME owners stick to old platforms for many reasons. Sometimes they think it’s too problematic to replace them with new systems. But it is not.

alphaX has done enough jobs in optimizing and upgrading outdated systems. One of our main tasks is to provide the new code for the platform while keeping the usual surface. Such an approach ensures that you won’t need to waste time on getting familiar with the new looks and navigation.

How we treat such tasks:

  • Examine the current status of the platform and its weak points.
  • Define the exact areas that demand modernization.
  • Estimate which innovations will improve performance.
  • Develop the strategy – upgrading some parts or re-doing the whole platform.
  • Create the roadmap for the case with all the steps and checkpoints.
  • Do the job and provide you with the modernized apps for SME.

The goal of alphaX is to give a new life to your existing platform. It must become simpler, faster, more stable, less resource-consuming, and cheaper to use and support.

alphaX: benefits you get with us

When it comes to IT solutions for SME, you need a reliable partner to entrust the IT support of your business. alphaX is more than capable of developing any solution on your demand.

Here our policy and working ethics are:

  • Client-oriented approach. Our priority is to define what our customers want and need. Then we develop the strategy to reach these goals.
  • Team of experts. We have dedicated specialists for every aspect of the job. They are all located in the same area, meaning there won’t be obstacles due to the distance between the team members. We work together on each task.
  • Data and confidentiality protection. We sign the NDA agreement and obey its regulations.
  • Agile methods. This approach makes the process faster and more flexible. You can get the product sooner, and it is easier to add more features and options regularly.
  • Product Support. alphaX won’t leave the product after the delivery. We maintain many projects on their owners’ request. And our job is to guarantee stable work and enhance their functionality.

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