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For big business

Large enterprises need digital services, even more than smaller groups. Thousands of employees and billions of revenues mean the evident need for digitalization. There are processes too complicated, and too many routing tasks that consume people's time and resources.

One of the most demanded IT service approaches for big businesses is to optimize such processes. The question is, who can do the job most efficiently.

Companies have their own IT-departments for daily tasks. But often, they need external expertise for specific assignments. Usually, it concerns brand new systems or significant upgrades to working solutions. In this case, a smaller expert team like alphaX is more constructive than the whole department of the company.

  • A dedicated digital agency has more developers with better expertise on particular cases.
  • The team can focus on the specific task only instead of working on all the daily IT routine.
  • Third-party experts can also train the employees and help them to improve their qualifications.

Digitalization for large companies is not a fad – it is a life necessity. Our team at alphaX is capable of fulfilling the current IT demands for an enterprise of any size.

Main IT goals for large enterprises

alphaX for big business

Modern companies consider automatization and the Internet of Things the most promising directions.

  • Automation with a machine-learning component is in high demand. When business structures become too sophisticated, it increases the risk of errors from the human’s side. With too many links in one chain, the human intermediary is a factor that can slow the whole process down. Digitalizing the multi-action, but routine tasks would remove the risks and save resources.
  • Data utilization is another issue. Very often, large enterprises compile tons of data that they don’t process appropriately with their existing tools. Servers store these data, but a large part of them don’t bring profit – they turn to digital trash. Data processing is a significant challenge these days – it can give lots of benefits with appropriate tools.
  • The Internet of All Things (IoT) is also in the focus of large businesses. Direct communication between gadgets and other smart devices improves business procedures significantly. They are essential for electronic document flow and actions, predefined by agreements.
  • Blockchain remains one of the most promising areas. alphaX is one of the blockchain companies in Germany, ready to support any customers in need of blockchain-based products.
  • Cloud integration already turns a standard. It is not the data storage questions only. There are plenty of options for cloud software and hardware, and a large enterprise can’t ignore them.
  • Digital security should be among primary concerns for all enterprises. Businesses must protect themselves – they need means, testing, and training for their employees. Security breaches and issues of authentication are the leading IT goals in the field of digital safety.

alphaX: services and benefits for large businesses

alphaX for big business

Our expert team helps companies of any size and level with digitalization. We are familiar with modern business’ IT needs, and we are prepared to resolve their challenges.

  • The competence of alphaX is any application or system working in a browse. Our next specialization is creating mobile apps for all OS.
  • Blockchain expertise. Our group has been working with blockchain technology for years. We created several fully-functional solutions intended for vast audiences of millions of users.
  • Each case is individual. We run in-depth researches and provide you with detailed analysis – you get a comprehensive overview of the issue.
  • Our solution strategy considers all circumstances. We offer optimal solutions and the most flexible approach to the problem.
  • Speed and adaptability are our priorities.
  • Security guarantees come by default. We sign the NDA agreement and respect all its regulations.
  • We provide full documentation on the product and train employees if needed. We also support the systems and enhance their functionality further.

The alphaX group is aware that IT requirements for large enterprises are complicated and demanding. Still, our approach and qualifications let us cope with any particular task on digitalization successfully.

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