Canons of values of Angel Capital Partners and its group members

“Act only according to that maxim which you wish to become a general law.”
Immanuel Kant


Loyalty refers to the inner bond based on common moral maxims or guided by an interest and its expression in behavior toward a person, group or community. We stand by our statements and act loyally toward our fellow human beings.


Sincerity refers to a characteristic of personal integrity and means standing by oneself, one’s values and ideals, and giving expression to one’s feelings and inner convictions without dissimulation in speech and actions.


Integrity – congruence between one’s ideals and values and the actual practice of life. We strive for integrity and make sure that what we think is what we say and act upon. Thoughts, actions and expressions are in harmonious triad.

Response Time

Maximum response time to communication from colleagues within a maximum of 24 hours and as quickly as possible.


Communication is unambiguous and there is no room for interpretation on all sides (customers, employees, company vision, range of services, …). Our services and corporate culture aim to ensure that teams are always informed about who is doing what, by when and why. This enables the best work experience and results.

Self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem

Each contributor is confident in their ability to develop themselves, add value to the company and make a difference with their creativity. We know what we can do and we know what we cannot do. We are aware of ourselves.


We are customer-centric and act flexibly. We have the ability to act quickly. Team members decide for themselves and decisions do not come from “above”. In the team we have leaders, but no boss.


We respect our customers and we expect the same from our customers/partners.


Our customers can rely on us and we can rely on each other internally.

Team spirit and collegiality

We are there for each other and support each other. It is important to us that everyone in the team is doing well and that everyone enjoys working. The success of the team is the goal of all of us and has the highest priority. We are collegial with each other and look out for our neighbors and team members. We help each other and stand up for each other in private.


We are honest with each other, with our customers and with the statements we make. Even when topics are uncomfortable, we speak our honest minds.


The performance of individual team members should be recognized and valued.


Only through expert knowledge can great things be achieved. To this end, employee training is encouraged. We always like to learn new things throughout our lives and never stop learning.


We promise our customers only what we can do. We prove our trustworthiness to our customers by fulfilling our promises. We can be trusted by others and we trust others. We also keep information confidential and conversations discreet. We don’t peddle, we don’t brag, and we stay down to earth.

Taking and Assigning Responsibility

We take responsibility for our scope of work/commitments. When dealing with commitments, integrity is our top priority. This means seizing exciting opportunities, but also acknowledging when we have to put something on hold. We take full responsibility for our commitments and encourage others to honor theirs.


We enjoy what we do and are motivated to work on our projects because the success of the team is important to us.

Methodical approach

We proceed with scientific methods and according to clear structures. This makes us more efficient and effective.

Do great – and do it fast

We strive to be both great and fast in everything we do – without sacrificing one for the other.


Great achievements are almost always the work of many and almost never of just one. We do our best, say goodbye to egos, and work with empathy and trust in accomplishing great things together.


We focus on the present and give ourselves time and space to reflect and apply what we have learned. This approach gives us the opportunity to learn together from our mistakes and continuously evolve our culture.

No false compromises

We are curious, creative and always open to new perspectives. Choosing one of two extreme positions would mean giving up the advantages of the other. That’s why we always strive to find a third way that takes into account the advantages of both options.

Be authentic (with yourself and with others)

We know that authenticity is a prerequisite for best performance and thus enables growth and teamwork. Every day, we bring our full selves to work and strive to create an inclusive work environment where all employees feel safe and motivated to be themselves.


We welcome everything that makes us human and take the time to play games and have fun. In doing so, we create meaningful experiences for our employees.

Social justice

We support and promote the statements of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany regarding fundamental rights. We live these in the development of our teams and influence our partners in this sense.


We have nothing to hide and are transparent in our dealings even with more sensitive topics. We keep our colleagues and partners informed about both positive and negative issues.

On Schedule

We value time as a valuable commodity and are grateful for the time others give us. We are equally respectful of promised appointments and strive to keep them without delay. In exceptional cases, there may be conflicting appointments or postponements, which will then be communicated as soon as possible after they become known.


We are not perfect and are constantly learning. In a self-reflective manner, we look at ourselves and question our actions and thinking.


We believe in the potential that lies within each of us and our partners. We motivate and support those around us in realizing their potential.


We are humble in our actions and accept necessary circumstances as they are. We do not consider ourselves more important than others, nor is what we do more important than the actions of others.


We proceed carefully and cautiously and do not fall into actionism.


We are robust and resilient, so that even perceived setbacks do not throw us off course, but encourage us to stick to our goals. We take mistakes as lessons in our realization and learn from them.


We have some positively directed mindset and our thinking is positive.


We strive to act in a sustainable manner and understand the responsibility we have for our actions.


We communicate better too much than too little, because progress is only founded in communication with each other.

Motivated and committed

We are motivated and enjoy what we do. Through our actions, we want to provide a service to society and develop it further.


We are aware of our position and grateful for what we have and can do. We are grateful for the supposedly small moments, but also for the big changes.


The technologies we work with enable new business models, new products and a different way of being together. We and our partners dare to think big and find visions.


Our work is valued by others and we are a help and support with what we do.


We strive for independence and are free to think and decide.

Successful and valuable

We are successful in our actions and in our minds. The more successful our partners are, the more successful we are.


We are confident and believe in the good. Even when things get dark, we remain hopeful and know that something supposedly bad can also result in something positive.


We are both physically and mentally fit and healthy. We pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Consistent and decisive

We strive to be consistent in how we handle decisions and pursue our goals. We enjoy the opportunity to make decisions and thus be able to shape them.


We take care to maintain a representative appearance and strive to serve as a role model with our actions.


We are aware of values and take them very seriously.


Our contributions have meaning and are important to us and our partners.


We take a structured and methodical approach, like to plan, build structures and use them. Existing structures are questioned and optimized.

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