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UI/UX-Design means: User Interface / User Experience Design. The most important thing about software is not only the functionality and the technology, but also that the users find their way around in it, enjoy using the software and are also emotionally addressed by it. An accurate UI/UX design is essential for this. The design is individual for each application. It refers to the target group / user group, must make it easy for the user to use the program and must quickly give an overview of what is possible with the software. In the development phase of a software product, UI/UX design is located directly after the conceptual design phase.

UI/UX design: The result

Wireframes or a clickable first minimal product (click dummy or prototype) provide visual information about how the final developed product should look like and how the end user can move around in it. The UI/UX design must fit in perfectly with the company’s branding and also round off the image within the system landscape. Once the UI/UX design is completed, the shell is ready to be given life in further development.
Once the design is complete, it is equally possible to estimate the development effort with a low margin of error and the development plan is created. This plan is an overview of the planned activities and working conditions in the development. From this document, the customer receives information about the delivery schedule – the time frame for each step of the development.

Some of the technologies we use for web application development:


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