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Olga Hartmann

CEO VeggieFlora

"Frank and his team have created our webshop to your complete satisfaction. They are constantly expanding and looking after it. Thank you very much for the great cooperation!"

The Product Background

VeggieFlora is a web-based company – the first in Germany designer and producer of edible bouquets. Such bouquets are mostly made of vegetables and fruits, though there can be some other components.

They are very popular now – they even tend to replace traditional bunches of flowers. Besides, edible compositions have a practical value too. A buyer can enjoy their look and then turn them into an exclusive dish. VeggieFlora adds recipes to each design.

The company came into prominence in 2017. Now they offer original edible compositions with many components. The product gallery is available on the official website, where visitors can buy such bouquets easily.

That website became the work area for alphaX.

The Task

VeggieFlora used social media channels for promotion. However, they wanted to improve their digital presence more. It is a client-oriented company, and the primary goal was to make the online digital shop as comfortable as possible.

They referred to alphaX and requested the service of upgrading their previous website. The job was to make a new version of the official website more functional and user-friendly. Also, it had to add online shop functionality with payment options.

The task for alphaX was as follows:

  • Create a responsive website.
  • Develop an online shop.
  • Develop personal areas for users.
  • Develop the admin’s side for managers.
  • Integrate main payment methods.
  • Bring the website into compliance with the GDPR requirements.

The Solution We Created

The team of alphaX involved three front-end developers, the project manager, and QA. To ensure faster delivery and a more flexible approach, they used the Scrum methodology. The whole product development process took several months.

The VeggieFlora official website is a one-page web application with shopping functionality.

WordPress technology let the team build responsive design and add useful plug-ins for SEO purposes. This way, it became easier to track the site’s performance on the Web and to improve it.

Extensive testing ensured the correct display of the website in browsers. Tests included both the desktop browsers for different OS and mobile browsers for iOS and Android. The mobile version of the site is adjusted for smartphones and tablets.

The focus is on customization. The nature of the VeggieFlora website lets any user adjust the personal space in the most convenient way.

The admin’s side lets the employees do all tasks on managing the product entries as smooth as possible. There are options for setting the product categories, adding and editing the products. The WordPress functionality provides easy access to all these options, so even the new employees can master the tools quickly.

The Current Features

First of all, VeggieFlora is a product gallery and online shop where guests can learn about the range of goods and buy them.

Also, it is a user’s area where the buyer can track and manage all activities related to the VeggieFlora products.

Last but not least, the website provides all the official information about the company and its policies of data collection and storage.

As for the particular functional features, they are:

  • User’s registration – optional.
  • User’s account with the history of orders and other details.
  • Shopping card to select and purchase any product in one click.
  • Integration with the payment means – credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfer.
  • Manager’s area for quick adding, removing, promotion, and managing products on the company’s side.
  • Invoices’ generation.
  • Communication means to interact with end-users.

Plans for the Future

alphaX supports the VeggieFlora website and works on enhancements. Currently, this website enjoys more than 1000 daily visits. It is a convenient place where participants from all sides can fulfill all their needs.