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Gerald Dieckhöfer

CEO beint GmbH

"alphaX has proven itself to be an excellent and strong technology partner in the implementation of our founding project. The team of talented developers has perfectly adapted to our needs and, at the same time, provided advice with competence and commitment."

The Product Background

Beint is the solution for job applications on mobile devices. Its primary goal is to make the process of the job application faster and easier.

Most candidates search for jobs using their smartphones. At the same time, the application process from mobile devices is very inconvenient. Forms to fill do not match the specificities of smartphones’ screens. There aren’t handy means to upload documents.

Job application online requires a desktop screen. But it contradicts the modern lifestyle with its “mobile-first” approach.

The same goes for vacancies – companies receive less data than needed. Often, candidates break the application process on the mobile device. Moreover, when they reach their computers with large screens, they might apply to a different vacancy.

That was the focus of the Beint owners. There is an apparent demand for a mobile job application solution that would fix all those inconveniences. To achieve the goal, they turned to alphaX.

The Task

Beint had to become a tool with an innovative approach. It offers the candidates to apply for a job via the web application that is adjusted for mobile devices.

It changed the form with the candidate’s data. On the one hand, a new digital profile had to include many more details about the applicant. On the other hand, Beint was to simplify the process as much as possible.

But it was only half of the job. Also, alphaX had to create a platform for the company’s representatives to connect them with the candidates efficiently. It also had to include cutting-edge tools for data analysis.

The Solution We Created

The team of alphaX has created the two-components Beint solution:

  • The “candidate space” is the responsive website where the user can register and create the profile. It is adapted for both the desktop full-screen resolution and the smartphones’ screens. A user can register there and create his or her profile. There are options to search for vacancies and apply.
  • The “recruiter’s space” is the web app for the company. It is a more sophisticated system with several levels of access due to the company’s hierarchy. The managers can create and post vacancies there, as well as get the candidates’ applications.

Additionally, the recruiter’s space provides a dynamically generated add-on that companies can install on their websites. This add-on lets the users apply for vacancies with their Beint data – a maximum fast and easy process.

The back-end is created with Node.js. It is the most frequent choice for web applications that imply intense data exchange. Besides, it has a vast library of ready modules, already tested, and proved.

The front-end side for the candidates and recruiters is based on Angular. It is an ideal solution for large applications with sophisticated business logic.

In combination, these technologies ensure neat looks, easy and intuitive operation, and smooth performance of all Beint components.

The Current Features

The three-components Beint system provides a set of options for both the candidate and the HR manager.

The web app for the candidate includes the following features:

  • Make a digital profile. The form is optimized for mobile screens. Candidates can add more data to make their profiles more informative.
  • Easy upload of all required documents and certificates.
  • Three-clicks application for a job.
  • Edit and manage the profile.
  • A job database of all vacancies that Beint-registered companies offer.
  • Search for suitable jobs with the help of psychometric assessment.
  • A newsfeed.
  • Send the candidates’ data into the HR database directly.
  • Send the users’ data in PDF form.

The company’s desktop platform is a web application with the following functionality:

  • The simple “button” code fragment to add to the vacancies’ page.
  • The option to create the company’s profile and manage it.
  • Develop and post vacancies with the descriptions and requirements.
  • The full CVs’ database.
  • Analyze all the data submitted with Beint.
  • Assess candidates for the job’s requirements and corporate culture.

Beint is a system with machine learning elements. It analyzes the applications and how the company’s managers process them. The results (rejections, proceeding, commitment) enter the Beint calculations. The system can develop and learn automatically using historical data and produce more precise analyses and predictions.

Plans for the Future

Beint is a new product on the market, and the alphaX team focuses on its stable performance and getting feedback from users. Also, in plans is the development of a separate Beint mobile app in the form of progressive web application (PWA).