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New conception of a web presence and creation of an online shop www.veggieflora.de

Theme Content Management Systems

The homepage of a company is nowadays the contact point for digital natives who have become aware of a company via social media channels. There you will find reliable official information about the company and it can be purchased quickly and easily.


technique can either be regarded as itself or as a means to an end. alphaX’s customers are fully focused on meeting the needs of their customers. The homepage, the webshop and all associated parameters are solely intended to allow as much time as possible to be spent on satisfied customers. The special features were the complexity of the online shop, its catchy operating possibilities for the end customer, the enabling of the common payment methods and the compliance with the resulting special requirements of the basic data protection regulation.


The aim of the project was to create a homepage that was easy to maintain, to integrate an online shop that could be operated intuitively both in the front-end and in the back-end, and to comply with all resulting legal requirements.


The result was a homepage that is easy and intuitive to use both for the shop operator in the back-end and for her customers. The shop operator can quickly and easily add new products to the shop, take orders, inform customers about new products and interact with their end customers. The following therefore applies to both customers: the customer is king!

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