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The war in Ukraine is now presenting us with new challenges. For example, one of our developers is currently locked up at home without heating and running water because of firefights in the street in front of his apartment.

  • Our Team

    <strong>Nikita</strong> Stepiuk

    Nikita Stepiuk

    How came into IT
    Interested in the development of visual interfaces, interaction with the user through the application

    Place of residence: Kyiv

    Current city: Lviv

    Technologies: React native/React

    Technology stack: js, React native/React, redux, sockets, rest api, electron

    Experience time: 1.5 years

    Short About: Watch series, ride a bike

  • Our Team

    <strong>Zoya</strong> Boyko

    Zoya Boyko

    How came into IT
    6 years worked as crew manager (cruise recruitment agent) and found IT a well-developed and interesting industry decided to change the field of work (before the pandemic)

    Place of residence: Odessa

    Current city: Odessa

    Technologies: Project manager

    Technology stack:

    Experience time: 2 years

    Short About: Big fan of games (PC, board), fantasy literature, animals, theater

  • Our Team

    <strong>Valeriya</strong> Kot

    Valeriya Kot

    How came into IT
    Student of the 3rd year of the Software Engineering Department in English. Since childhood, I loved puzzles and software development I see as a puzzle that needs to be put together. Hard-working programmer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time.

    Place of residence: Kyiv

    Current city: I`m currently staying in Jangrot, Poland. But it is not the final destination, next stop may be Berlin/Sofia/Fyn

    Technologies: Typescript, Node.js, Nest.js

    Technology stack: Symfony, Laravel, Express.js, Javascript, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, MikroORM, PHP, CSS, HTML, JSON, Redis, Stripe, Centrifugo, Git, Jira, GitLab

    Experience time: 1 year ++

    Short About: I attended Latin American and ballroom dancing for 5 years, playing the violin and daily sport classes

  • Our Team

    <strong>Olga</strong> Minyailenko

    Olga Minyailenko

    How came into IT
    Worked as customer support in IT Company a while ago. Then was transferred to technical support. In this position joined Java QA Automation courses in the same IT company and was transferred to QA department. Since I have a big passion for psychology, organizational things, and modern IT technologies I finished PM Courses and got the job of my dreams.

    Place of residence: Mykolaiv

    Current city: Lviv

    Technologies: Project Manager

    Technology stack: JS

    Experience time: 6 years

    Short About: I love an active way of life, traveling. Adore sports. Reading books, both fiction and management and psychology.

  • Our Team

    <strong>Karen</strong> Muradian

    Karen Muradian

    How came into IT
    I've spent a lot of time in front of the computer since I was a kid. I went to a physics and mathematics school, so when it came time to choose a career, I knew I needed to be a programmer, because I can use both my mathematical mindset and my attraction to computers in this field.

    Place of residence: Mykolaiv

    Current city: Mykolaiv

    Technologies: React

    Technology stack: React, React Native, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, Redux/Redux Toolkit

    Experience time: over 3 years

    Short About: I am a young programmer who loves to see my progress in the profession. In my spare time, I try to spend as much time as possible outside with my friends or girlfriend. I frequently watch movies, especially at the cinema, and listen to heavy music. Favorite movie: Dune (2021); favorite musical genre: rock

  • Our Team

    <strong>Dmytro</strong> Novykov

    Dmytro Novykov

    How came into IT
    I always wanted to create something on my own - build reliable systems and watch them being used. Therefore, I started to learn Web development, since it's the easiest way to see the result of your work immediately. At this moment I can use everything related to the JS world, and also I am familiar with Java Spring

    Place of residence: Kyiv

    Current city: Morshin

    Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, TS, React, Redux, NodeJS, NestJS, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Angular, RxJS

    Technology stack: Full Tech Stack

    Experience time: 3+ years

    Short About: I like heavy music, thriller movies and development

  • Our Team

    <strong>Oleg</strong> Orlenko

    Oleg Orlenko

    How came into IT
    I've come to development in 17 years when i understood that its always better to learn something by myself than going to college and wasting time on a lot of subjects that are not related to my profession. I was very interested in programming, so when I understood that in our country it is not a problem to find a job without education if you have the relevant knowledge. I dived deep into learning in different areas and eventually my choice fell on node.js, after like 2 months of self education in september 2018 I've started to search job as junior and found it in several days. So its how I've come to development.

    Place of residence: Kyiv

    Current city: Ivano-Frankivsk

    Technologies: Node.js Back-end & devops engineer

    Technology stack: Node.js, js, typescript, express, nestjs, mongodb, mysql, postgress, redis, AWS, smart contracts on solidity, eth blockchain and nfts ERC-721, nginx, apache, ORM and ODM (mikroORM, typeORM, sequalize, mongoose), experience of writing test (chai/mocha. jest), sockets(socket.io, websocket), experience with queue services (RabbitMQ, AWS SQS), docker, payment systems (stripe, paypal), firebase, experience with react (without layout from scratch), experience with monolits and microservices, experience of refactoring old projects and old databases structure (migrate old database to new one with normalized structure) etc.

    Experience time: more than 3 years experience of working in production

    Short About: My most loved hobbies its reading, computer games and board games, watching movies etc. At the expense of reading, I prefer to read either fiction or non-fiction. At the expense of games, I prefer multiplayer ones, because the most important thing for me in games is getting good emotions together with my friends.

  • Our Team

    <strong>Maksym</strong> Poluliakh

    Maksym Poluliakh

    How came into IT
    I entered testing in October 2021. Passed courses on testing and programming in Python. I like it when everything works the way it should. My colleagues who invited me to join the IT-sphere since they were sure that I have the ability to do this. And I am really happy they believed in me as I love my job.

    Place of residence: Zaporizhzhya

    Current city: Zaporizhzhya

    Technologies: Manual testing

    Technology stack: Conduct functional testing, regression testing, or smoke testing. Formalization of detected defects and control of their elimination/ API/Backend testing or mobile app testing

    Experience time: 1.5 years

    Short About: I love traveling, reading books and listening to music. In my free time I try to spend time with my family.

  • Our Team

    <strong>Oleksandr</strong> Sigeev

    Oleksandr Sigeev

    How came into IT
    I was looking for a new experience and valuable knowledge in the web development field, so as soon as I saw an opportunity to join a real deleopment team, I just went straight to the interview!

    Place of residence: Mykolaiv

    Current city: Mykolaiv

    Technologies: JS, React.js

    Technology stack: HTML/CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, React.js, React Native

    Experience time: 5 months

    Short About: I enjoy spending time with my friends doing different sorts of stuff, such as gaming or watching films together, especially nowadays! I am also slowly but steadily becoming a fan of reading, not sure why though. But the thing I adore the most is being able to sleep peacefully in silence, which is really relevant for all of us now.

  • Our Team

    <strong>Vladislav</strong> Shevchenko

    Vladislav Shevchenko

    How came into IT
    I was looking for new opportunities in the IT-sphere since many friends of mine are programmers and testers. I started to get interested in this field and tried myself in different directions. First testing, then front-end. I studied on my own, then went to the academy, then joined an internship and passed it. After that I found a job and have been working for more than 1.5 years in the front-end direction.

    Place of residence: Mariupol

    Current city: Mariupol

    Technologies: React/Redux

    Technology stack: React/React-Native/Redux/Redux-thunk/Sagas/Redux-toolkit

    Experience time: 2 years

    Short About: I like to play football, read books, especially science fiction and fantasy, play tabletop games.

AlphaX Ukraine Story

AlphaX Ukraine Story

In 2015, I got a request from a friend to develop a mobile app for him, after I had been developing mobile and browser-based apps myself for several years. Although I didn't know the technology and didn't have free time to take care of it myself, I got the job.

My Ukrainian girlfriend at the time referred me to a school friend from Kharkiv who had successfully developed iOS apps for her father. Together with his brother, he had developed an impressive collection of apps and was incredibly talented. I was able to recruit him for the project and we successfully implemented the app.

Based on the good experience and results with Ukrainian colleagues, we got more requests for development work and slowly expanded our team in Ukraine. First in Nikolaev, then also in Odessa in the south of Ukraine. In 2020 Covid-19 came along but it didn't hurt us much as we were used to the distributed way of working and additionally received increasing demand with our digital services. We normally visited each other regularly, but during Covid-19, we had to stay at home and establish home offices for all employees.

Our great affinity for crypto and blockchain solutions also built a lot of skills in our company and created exciting innovations. We learned a lot in that time, especially which people we wanted to work with and who we wanted nothing to do with.

In 2021, we exceeded the EUR 1m mark in salary payments and now employ many talented developers in different parts of Ukraine: Nikolaev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kiev.

Well paid work help save lifes = It makes a difference

The war in Ukraine is now presenting us with new challenges. For example, one of our developers is currently locked up at home without heating and running water because of firefights in the street in front of his apartment. Anyone in his town who is not surrounded and shot at by Russians has been able to escape. Some have made it abroad in time, others have left for the hinterlands and the west to find a new place to live. No one can really withdraw cash at the moment to pay the gas station or the supermarket. There is effectively no paid work - except at home on the computer via the Internet.

The people there need a perspective and we can give them one. Because the more well-paid work we can give, the more stable, sovereign and safe the Ukrainian society becomes for the future.

Companies can support in a direct way by continuing to employ the talents in Ukraine.

Well paid work help save
		lifes = It makes a difference

Consequences of The War