Oculus Gear VR Marketing

MeetingsImagined with the Oculus Gear VR

Theme Virtual Reality

The client is markemotion GmbH which itself acts for a large international hotel chain.


The international hotel chain wants to offer its customers an interactive experience by enabling them, thanks to modern technology, to view the hotel chain before their visit with the help of Virtual Reality, so that they can find their way around later directly.


Development of a smartphone application which, in conjunction with the Oculus Gear VR, enables the wearer to take a three-dimensional tour of the individual hotels in the hotel chain.


An Android application was developed which, in conjunction with the Oculus Gear, represents a virtual space in which various three-dimensional videos can be selected, suggesting that one is directly on site.

The videos were delivered by markemotion GmbH.

This interactive experience, made possible by future technology, creates an unprecedented WOW feeling among the hotel chain’s customers and differentiates the hotel chain from its competitors.

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