heymate Mobile App

heymate Mobile App

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The Blockchain Applications AG, based in Crypto Valley Switzerland, operates a platform for micro-entrepreneurs where anyone can earn money and build their business when and with what they want. A Smartphone App should make the Blockchain technology suitable for the masses and revolutionize the handshake between business partners. heymate is the product that Fintech combines with Legaltech.


All non-transactional marketplaces are to be transactionalized with the help of a SmartphoneApp. 100+ million micro-entrepreneurs should be able to create an offer in just a few steps, distribute it in marketplaces and easily conclude a deal. A platform will be created in which additional services such as insurance, loans can be integrated and the Gig-Economy can be rounded off completely.


A user can register with heymate, set up the legal terms & conditions of his offer in just a few steps and then distribute it to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook at the push of a button. An applicant clicks on the link, sees the offer and the profile of the offer creator. After a successful application, the deal can be concluded and the blockchain secures the payer’s money in a decentralized escrow contract. Only after both parties agree on the successful outcome of the deal and have evaluated each other, the money flows to its rightful recipient.
Users can register via various identity providers such as Civic, Facebook and Google and link their profiles to their social media. An optional KYC program supports trust in the authenticity of the user.

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