Dynamic import and export of datasets

Dynamic import and export of datasets

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The PartnerGate www.partnergate.com is a web application where customers can manage their domain portfolio. Between different web applications an automated and/or manual transfer of thousands of individual data into other web applications takes place via existing and new interfaces.


The maintenance of price lists in PartnerGate serves as an example here. Due to their enormous size, the maintenance of these data records has so far been very time-consuming and costly, so that it is almost impossible to keep the price lists constantly up to date or to change all prices at the same time. Due to the given dynamics, a price structure can no longer be up-to-date after a partial client update has been carried out. For this reason, the time worked is also in vain.


The aim of the project is the simultaneous and automated adaptation of mass data and the resulting up-to-dateness of the data records and avoidance of futile working hours.


A client-server application was created where the data input is on the client side. The input and triggered update of the data is done by a drag&drop procedure from the desktop into a browser window. It is irrelevant which data format is used. Various techniques such as AJAX, REST, JSON, PHP, jQuery and others are used. In addition, the process can be automated according to personal preferences. To control and avoid errors, appropriate interfaces with progress bars have been created, which give feedback on the success of the input or automatically make error corrections.
The combination of this simple method with the amount of processable data corresponds to the current state of the art, minimizes the susceptibility to errors, accelerates the process and guarantees an unprecedented up-to-dateness of the data.

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