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New concept of a website

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A web presence that is well structured, offers the visitor what he is looking for and is inspired in today’s volatile corporate world – a feature that is second to none.


The end customer is at home in the investment – he is dependent on clear information, speed but nevertheless thoroughness. For this reason, the homepage should be structured, clear and quickly comprehensible.


creation of a homepage, which shows the visitor within a few moments whether he is right or not. Content that was easy and quick to grasp, creating trust and contact opportunities were the main wishes of the end customer.


AlphaX created a homepage that surprised the client. The homepage has four pages but less than 100 words. On the homepage an emotionally charged video is shown, on the second page satisfied customers talk about their outstanding experiences, on the third page all service areas of the company are mentioned briefly and crisply and on the fourth page it goes directly to the contact. That is it – briefly and knackig.

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