Project and transformation management
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Project and transformation management

  • Individual project management approach: Agile and hybrid project management. Classic project management. Schedule and cost monitoring and compliance. Compliance with IPMA standards.
  • Assessment Portfolio, program and project management: Assessment of the project portfolio and the contribution to the corporate strategy. Establishment of project management standards.
  • Transformation and change management: Methodical accompaniment and support of the change process. Training and motivation of employees

Example 1 Project and transformation management

When is agile project management particularly suitable?
When the goal is clear, but the way to get there is unclear!

And: when many different specialist functions are needed to achieve the goal!

A large plant of an automotive supplier often has such challenges – for example, when performance KPIs such as OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) are not on target. Then an iterative approach like SCRUM helps an interdisciplinary team maintain focus and work step-by-step to solve the challenge in a way that produces results.

But an organization does not always have the necessary experience. alphaX provides the ideal start-up support for such cases: from the initial qualification of the project team and the convincing of important stakeholders, to the project setup and the support of the project in the role of the Scrum Master. As a side effect, the alphaX consultants also contribute their expertise in the operations environment and thus help the team to meet the challenge.

The result is not only a sustainable solution to the problem, but also the experience gained with the agile approach – which can be used in the future for new challenges even without external support!

Example 2 Project and transformation management

Value stream analysis/design as the basis for a quotation calculation for seat headrests at an automotive supplier

A value stream analysis in the acquisition phase can help to find the decisive percentages for a competitive offer. It gets even more exciting with a joint venture like this: Two different companies planned a factory together in an interdisciplinary workshop. Nothing helped, familiar procedures had to be thrown overboard. The consultants from alphaX were able to help with this – through value analysis!

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