Product and value analysis
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Product and value analysis

  • Value analysis: Identification of customer needs. Functional analysis and definition of your products and alignment with customer needs. Development of a customer-oriented production process.
  • Product component analysis: analysis of product costs. Benchmarking against competitors. Identification and reduction of cost drivers to increase the contribution margin.
  • Product benefit analysis: Determining and increasing customer value (value proposition). Improvement of market positioning.
  • Product portfolio analysis: Increasing profitability by designing a strategic and sustainable product portfolio. Realization of synergy potentials and cost savings.


Value analysis in the recreational vehicle industry

What to do if the total weight of the motorhome including people and vacation equipment exceeds the permissible total weight and is immobilized by the police?

A manufacturer of motorhomes had this problem with one series and commissioned us to find a solution.

Our specialists at alphaX formed an interdisciplinary project team which, in cooperation with the chassis manufacturer and suppliers for bodywork and interior fittings, examined each component for alternatives in terms of weight, equivalence for the customer and cost.

The result after 2 months of intensive detailed work was a reduction in the total weight of the vehicle by nearly 300 kg, an improvement in contribution margins by 10% with an increase in product value for customers.

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