Price management of SSL certificates
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Price management of SSL certificates


Andreas Schreiner

CEO PartnerGate GmbH

"The cooperation with alphaX is very pleasant and fun due to their uncomplicated and friendly nature. They work very reliably and are highly solution-oriented".

Thematic area software development

SSL certificates create a basis of trust because they contain information for unambiguous identification. When someone requests an SSL Certificate, a third party verifies their information, such as company data, and issues a specific certificate based on that information. This process is called authentication.


Certificate issuers can pay for certification. However, the certificates themselves are not exclusively marketed by the issuers or their partners; certificates are also traded via resellers. These resellers are e.g. the sellers of domains or other services, which offer the certificates complementary to their other services within their cross-selling. So far, these resellers have been able to purchase the certificates from the partners in the partner gate at the same conditions as the partners themselves. An individual higher pricing of the certificates at the sale by the partners closer to the publishers to the resellers was not possible.


The goal of the project was the development of a software for price management, which enables a controllable pricing in the ordering process between partners of the certificate issuers and resellers.


The developed software enables the partners in the Partnergate to indicate to their resellers self-set prices for the purchase of certificates, which in turn can indicate to their resellers freely selectable prices. This results in different profit margins for both the original partners and the resellers. On the other hand, this pricing flows directly into the ordering process between the different resellers and can also be transferred to other billing software. Finally, the software contributes to the development or stimulation of a market that is shaped by supply, information and demand.

Price management of SSL certificates


  • Company: Partnergate GmbH
  • Industry: Internet Services
  • Field of application: Global

Technologies used

  • Back-end & Front-end: PHP


  • Employees: 1 for Back-end Development, Front-end Development and Quality Assurance
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Methodology: Waterfall