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Redesign of a homepage

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The homepage of an association or company is today the first point of contact for information seekers. You cannot position yourself as a modern company, as long as the homepage is not technically on the cutting edge and is not maintained. Since designing a homepage for the layman itself with the tools available today is not easy, it needs professionals who enjoy this task.



The task was to redesign a homepage as the basis for a new strategy for the dissemination of information and as a basis for further activities on social media. The main challenge was to consolidate the client’s diverse wishes and meet the high standards of quality and style. The difficulty was further that the system should be easy and fast to maintain in the future, since the client is a voluntary association.


The aim of the project was to set up a new, easy-to-maintain homepage, which would in future serve as a starting point and foundation for the work of a voluntary association.


The work that was done created a homepage that recalls a well-known motto of a well-known electronics manufacturer: Keep it simple! The page looks tidy and very clear, but without hiding the thematic depth. In addition, a wide range of communication and information options have been built into the market, which are to be strengthened in the future.

Redesign of a homepage


  • Company: The C!rkel e.V.
  • Industry: Management, coaching and consulting
  • Field of application: Global

Technologies used

  • Web: WordPress


  • Employees: 1 for Front-end Development, Quality Assurance
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Methodology: Waterfall

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