Netfira – Web Application
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Netfira – Web Application


The Product Background

Netfira is a web app designed to manage the digital document flow. In brief, this system lets the suppliers upload any PDF documents for their clients, and the Netfira AI will scan and recognize the contents. After that, it will convert them into the structured data format and transfers them to the client. As a result, the document exchange takes less time, and users get the data they need at once.

Similar to many modern solutions, Netfira follows the most actual trend of automatization. But it is not a new player.

Netfira is an established product with a long history – the owners introduced it back in 2010. For many years it helped to speed up the document exchange and let the users save time for more challenging tasks.

The Task

Being created in 2010, Netfira has been improving continuously since then. It quickly gained popularity and a bunch of regular clients. However, by the beginning of 2019, its owners decided to perform a major upgrade of the system. They chose the AlphaX team to perform this task.

Thus, unlike many other projects born from a simple idea, Netfira was a ready solution that needed core changes.

AlphaX got an ambitious task to rewrite the code of the product completely. At the same time, the team had to keep all the functionality of the platform. Saving its natural look and style of work, Netfira would receive a new back-end side.

After three weeks of work, this task was completed. A new version of Netfira with a brand-new inner code came into existence. Initially written in AngularJS, it moved to Angular 7 – one of the most efficient technologies of the present days. This switch assured a much smoother and faster performance as well as project stability and maintainability.

The Current Features

Netfira is a multi-user portal where suppliers can deal with their clients. It accepts and processes any invoices, order confirmations, shipping notifications, certificates, and so on. Strict data layout rules make it possible for the AI to recognize the contents.

  • With the self-onboarding tool, suppliers upload all types of documents they need to send to the buyers. It is fast and safe, and they can be sure that the papers will get to the right people;
  • The AI converts the contents into the structured data format and transfers it to the client’s part. On that side, another system waits to accept those data and work with them itself. And the human intermediary is not needed;
  • Netfira will track and review all data in documents. It will detect errors and mismatches and highlight them in the preview before accepting the data. The users will be able to fix everything;
  • The system can pass the original PDF documents, as well. If the parties need to register each transaction and “attach” the PDF file to it – it will work this way.
  • Netfira is a solution that is integrated into another system. It assures that the users don’t need to master new tools – they will work with the usual ones. The program is compatible with all major platforms like Xero, SAP, MYOB, and the rest.

Plans for the Future

Now AlphaX works with Netfira on an ongoing basis. The developers have been supporting this product for almost a year. The task is to assure its stability and enhance the functionality. New feature requests show up on a regular basis. Automation of routine tasks is needed for everyone.