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Jonathan Hildebrand

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"The team delivers super code at fair prices. alphaX works very professionally and customer-oriented. We are looking forward to further cooperation."

Product Background

Connact is the mobile cross-platform application serving as a client of the private social network. Back in 2017, Jonathan Hildebrand, the Product Owner of the Connact App, decided to create a private communication platform. The audience he targeted towards at first were the members of his alumni community.

Safe communication and personal data protection became the main priorities. For this reason, the client denied the existing major social networks. Facebook supports groups with different levels of access, but the Product Owner wanted guarantees of the full protection of any user’s data, which Facebook could not give.

AlphaX was the IT company that took that idea and the initial concept and turned it into the software solution.

Features Required

The preliminary product research helped to define the vision of the product. Also, we clarified the business and functional requirements of the future Connact App:

  • The idea is the modern club for people united by some values. They can be graduates of the same university, or devotees of the sports club, or the members and supporters of a political party, etc.;
  • The personal details of all users are secured. Connact stores them on dedicated servers in the EU and guarantees that this sensitive information will not leak outside. The SSL connection secures all the users’ internal communications;
  • The membership in such a community is private, and new users may join it via a personal invitation only;
  • Within the network, users can search by name, city, and country. There is also the option to search by industry, company, discipline, and more;
  • The platform lets the users communicate in personal chats, read the news feed, and exchange files;

Solution We Created

After four months of development, the first version of the application came out.

AlphaX team and the client agreed to create the hybrid mobile app powered by Ionic Framework, the product compatible with both Android and iOS.

This way, client considerably reduced the costs of development. Besides, building one adaptable application instead of two native apps allowed product delivery acceleration.

The team working on the project included the back-end and front-end experts. They used best practices to design the client-server system and, of course, communicated a lot with the client during the process. Such cooperation ensured a mutual understanding of the goals and best-organized performance.

The current Connact app is a customizable framework. This quality has already attracted several organizations in Germany wishing to build their private networks. The safety-centered nature of the platform was the most valued feature.

AlphaX team supports the Connact platform and improves its functionality continuously.

Plans for the Future

For better coverage, the Product Owner ordered the new version – “Connact web application” built with the React technology. The new responsive website will complement the mobile app and offer its users all the benefits of the bigger screens.

Aside from that, the mobile app itself is being re-written in React Native. The change will allow sharing the core business logic between the web and mobile apps and speed up updates. As for the owners, it will get them more time and save money on development.

At the moment, five different organizations use Connact. They have their clubs with more than 10000 users altogether. The number of clients the application can manage is unlimited.