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Choice of Love

Choice of Love
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The app “Choice of Love” is a free dating app for iOS and Android, which is successfully operated by next interactive GmbH. It can be accessed from Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store.

alphaX adapted the existing app for Android for the iOS operating system.


Everyone craves something – most of them a partner. Dating apps are often used for this purpose – but the difficulty often lies in the quality of the app or the selection of it. What can be done better and differently in a new app than the ones already available? How can i meet the high quality standards expected by iOS users? How can a successful app concept for Android be designed on iOS?


Adaptation of an existing Android app and its specification and development for the iOS operating system, which connects people, brings people together and brings users what everyone deserves – to have a person on the site who completes you. The full range of functions should be usable free of charge, so as not to exclude anyone and proven features of the Android platform are adopted and further developed.


On behalf of and under supervision of next interactive GmbH, an app for iOS has been adapted and further developed, which has some advantages over the competition and takes into account the realities of the Apple world.

  1. For iOS users, the app is accustomed to high performance and simplicity, but with the proven features from the Android app and robust, intuitive user guidance.
  2. The operator, next interactive GmbH, thus stands for a fair range of functions that meets the requirements of its users and can present itself appropriately among Apple fans.
  3. In addition, Choice of Love can set individual search filters with which to search for suitable people – in contrast to the filter options defined for competing products. Users can present themselves with profiles in a variety of ways, chat with each other, receive notifications and hopefully find their partner for life.

Choice of Love


  • Company: nextinteractive GmbH
  • Industry: Dating and Internet Services
  • Field of application: Germany

Technologies used

  • Mobile: iOS Swift


  • Employees: 3 for Mobile Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance
  • Duration: 1+ years
  • Methodology: Scrum
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