Case Study


The Product Background

Blizzz is a mobile application aimed to inform online users about offline hot sales. It will be the digitalization tool for offline businesses.

The businesses can attract target audiences with Blizzz getting an advantage over their competitors. Buyers preferring hot deals get excessive discounts. The geo-location helps both parties to get into the common space.

The target industries of Blizzz are retail, beauty, entertainment, and travel. But the list is not limited, the product can serve for any field.

The idea of connecting Web users with offline institutions has one more advantage. It urges web users to leave their homes and reach the shops in their neighboring areas. Also, potential customers can get notifications about sales into a broader region. Everything depends on the user’s preferences.

The Blizzz owners needed a simple solution to help the shop owners and their buyers to meet each other. They chose alphaX to do this job.


The Task

Modern daily life is mobile, and most people rely on their smartphones. Blizzz has to be a mobile app for smartphones.

For the location settings, this solution uses Google Maps. The integration with this powerful service makes it sure to define all locations correctly. Flexible settings for “suppliers” and “customers” let the users set up the conditions for offers and specify the customers’ preferences.

alphaX made the focus on simplicity. Sellers should be able to create their ads on mobile devices. Then the ad is posted online, and the potential buyers get notifications about it. This way, they can check all such sales for their interests within the area.

One more request is the data collection. Blizzz must gather all the details in real-time and store them for the Bid Data processing. This option must provide users with the history of their actions. Sellers will be able to analyze their campaigns and customer experience.

The Solution We Create

The Blizzz mobile application is an Ionic-based hybrid solution. alphaX possesses high-level expertise in the field of hybrid development. They considered that technology preferable for the new product.

The benefit of Ionic-based hybrid type is that it matches both the main mobile OS – Android and iOS. This approach is a “winning move” – it lets the Product Owners save the costs. The development team, in its turn, gets the advantage of doing the task much faster.

The back-end side is Node.js – the default choice for multi-user apps. Its capabilities let the system cope with millions of simultaneous connections flawlessly.

The team pays special attention to Google Maps integration and GPS localization. These features ensure the correct settings for users’ search and push messages.

The Features

The following features are approved for the Blizzz product:

  • Easy user registration. Both the supplier and the customer need to provide minimum data: the name, the email address, and location.
  • Categories for suppliers to let them target the customers and tell about their services and products on sale.
  • Specifying interests in products and services helps the customers to find exclusive sales in their areas.
  • Simple offer setup. The ad templates match the smartphones’ screens perfectly. The business owner can use the default template or customize it.
  • The “countdown” notification comes for each offer. The seller can choose a different countdown period for each offer.
  • Customers-tracking in real-time. Blizzz searches for all active users with particular interests within the target area.
  • Push messages to inform users about the new sale nearby.
  • Data collection and processing – Blizzz gathers all the current and historical information. By analyzing these data, users can plan their further campaigns.

Plans for the Future

The Blizzz app is still in development. alphaX plans to release the fully-functional version by June 2020.

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