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Henry Fudge

CEO 220 Group Ltd.

"Incredible developer and serial entrepreneur with business savvy and experience as well as an all-around great guy. Mobile Apps Development as its best"

The Product Background

220 Bank is an online banking solution for mobile devices – an app for smartphones and tablets in the Fintech field. It combines specialized banking features with the functionality of a private social club. The target audience of 220 Bank are entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers.

The application provides them with secure and comfortable access to their bank accounts. There are possibilities to perform all the bank operations. The private club is a platform with special offers, discounts, and many other options.

Banks compete with each other to provide the most functional app. Often, mobile banking in a smartphone app becomes one of the bank’s competitive advantages.

At the same time, many advanced banking solutions were meant to the bank’s customers only. But, users often have accounts in several banks, and a separate app for each bank makes the finance management not so comfortable.

The banking functionality is not enough these days. Customers demand flexible, multi-functional, and exclusive tools for their needs.

The Task

alphaX developed a mobile solution that does not demand you to be a customer of a particular bank to use it. It is suitable for both iOS and Android-based smartphones, and it offers easy management of finances and making agreements.

The main goals that alphaX had to meet were:

  • Comfortable operation;
  • Multi-functionality;
  • Exclusive features.

The killer feature of the 220 Bank solution had to be a private platform for influencers.

The Solution We Created

After three months of development works, the alphaX team presented the first version of the 220 Bank application. Currently, it targets the UK audiences, but its customers can be from all over the world.

The back-end of the product is Node.js – the default choice for data exchange apps. It ensures fast and smooth performance of the application, as there are many ready modules with proved functionality.

The front-end of the 220 Bank app is React Native. The choice of this technology made it possible to provide vast functionality with less code. It ensures stable performance, and the application after proper testing is crash-free. There are existing libraries with solutions for many tasks. The worldwide React native community increases the range of those ready modules continuously.

React Native has one more advantage – it makes it easier to work with Bluetooth. It was essential for the 220 Banking functionality, as one of its crucial features demands Bluetooth connection.

The Current Features

The original version of the 220 Banking solution offers all the functionality that is traditional for such apps. It also has innovative features that are the 220 Bank own things.

  • It is compatible with many banks. The user can check and control accounts and transactions without installing a native bank application.
  • Easy access to details on transactions and funds transfer between own accounts. All bank operations can be online.

Original features of 220 Bank:

  • Instant money transfers between different customers via the “shake the phone” procedure:
  • Shaking the smartphone enables Bluetooth.
  • After that, two registered users of 220 Bank who stand next to each other get connected.
  • When the second participant shakes the phone too, the 220 banking app performs the money transfer.
  • 220 Bank was designed to be a specific online platform for influencers. It has all the options to make an agreement with brands, track the profit, and calculate revenues.
  • The system is bilateral. If the brand is also a 220 user, it can track investments into collabinfluenceroration with the influencer. There is the option to calculate revenues, even for each particular product.
  • 220 Bank is a private network of investors, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Registered members get access to the internal client events, special orders, and discounts.

Plans for the Future

At the moment, the team of alphaX is supporting the 220 banking solution. It ensures its stable work and excellent performance. Researches on enhancements take place as well. The team will add new features that are in demand.