Operational Excellence
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Operational Excellence

  • Efficiency increase and cost reduction: Identification of waste and potential for improvement. Optimization of the value stream.
  • Lean administration: Elimination of repetitive and non-standardized activities. Introduction of supporting IT processes. Saving of indirect administrative costs.
  • Production planning, control and scheduling: conception of processes and design of IT systems. Balancing of production systems. Ensuring material availability.
  • Production and assembly system planning: Optimization of workstation and area layouts. Resource calculation. Workstation clocking out.
  • TPM, maintenance and quality improvement: development of maintenance plans. Improvement of equipment availability (OEE).
  • Reduction of defect rates and scrap.
  • Production strategy: Design of sustainable production strategies. Transformation support from actual to target state.
  • Site organization: Definition of a lean target organization for your site. Definition of roles, tasks and competencies.

Lean Implementation in Special Machinery Manufacturing

What do you do when you see a need for optimization in many areas of an organization?

A good option is a comprehensive Lean Assessment by alphaX to make deficits transparent and to launch targeted improvement initiatives: We look at all areas, from leadership culture (Lean Leadership & Culture) to lean processes (Lean Shopfloor and Lean Administration) and customer orientation to lean organization. To this end, we conduct interviews at all hierarchical levels, work out weak points with the process experts, and determine and interpret relevant key figures.

Example of operational excellence:

At a special machine manufacturer, the assessment revealed important areas for action in the project management standards, in the lack of transparency regarding deadlines and other performance KPIs, and in a lack of error and improvement culture. In an optimization project lasting several months, we were able to work together with the organization’s employees not only to solve the biggest operational problems, but also to achieve a positive change in the mood and culture of cooperation.

Example 2 Operational Excellence:

Lean implementation at leading door hinge system manufacturer.

Reduce lead time by 80% by introducing lean – that was the goal of the leading manufacturer of door hinge systems. They succeeded, but the team of customer employees and alphaX consultants achieved even more: delivery reliability and service levels were improved, inventories were reduced, and the flow rate in manufacturing sections across two sites was increased. Along the way, data and IT processes were analyzed and adjusted, and various kaizen measures were implemented. Lean thinking was also promoted outside the core team in individual consultations and workshops (e.g., on setup optimization through SMED) throughout the company.

Example 3 Operational Excellence:

Redesigning order processing at a medical technology manufacturer.

How can the order throughput time from the first customer inquiry to delivery be radically shortened? In a heterogeneous portfolio ranging from serial products to custom-made products, it is essential to establish clear standards in both administrative and value-adding processes. The alphaX experts detailed and documented the target processes and introduced comprehensive key performance indicator reporting. Their accurate implementation support and intensive transformation management ultimately led to a lead-time-optimized customer order process.

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