Ionic Capacitor 2.0 14.04.2020

Ionic Capacitor 2.0 release

The Ionic Capacitor 2.0 release is excellent news for alphaX. This product helps to build hybrid applications, which are an essential part of the alphaX specialization.

Hybrid – cross-platform – apps match any mobile OS, thus increasing the speed of product delivery and reducing costs. Many alphaX customers turned to the team to get these flexible and efficient solutions. That’s why Capacitor 2.0 is a gift to all Ionic developers, like any tool that makes the works more accessible and more convenient. 

Initially, Capacitor was designed to help to deploy the Ionic apps on different platforms, as well as to access the platform-specific features. The goal is to ensure the absence of compatibility issues. The 2.0 release adds even more options, as well as the security and bug fixes.

Among the Capacitor 2.0 release news, there are the following ones:

  • The latest programming languages support – Android 10, Android X, Swift 5, and Xcode 11+. 
  • Support for the Android Face Unlock and Iris Unlock. 
  • UX and tools improvements. 
  • New native features implementation guidelines in official docs. 
  • Functional enhancements to ensure the smaller size of applications. 

Capacitor 1.0 had a solid background in many developers’ experiences. It was the critical factor of its success – it included features that were practical and convenient to use.

Moreover, as the creators of Ionic claim, Capacitor 2.0 is the new default for all new projects on Ionic Angular and Ionic React. In the closest future, it is going to become the central part of all Ionic offers. This runtime should receive additional features and updates very soon.

alphaX, in its turn, embraces all these innovations. It brings nothing but good to both us, the developers, and our customers who can expect to obtain even more functional apps faster. 

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