Digitalization & Industry 4.0
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Digitalization & Industry 4.0

  • Quick Check Digitalization: Assessment of the digital maturity level. Identification of digitalization potential.
  • Digitalization strategy: Designing the vision. Creating the roadmap. Developing the digital portfolio. Designing the digital change process.
  • Implementation of efficient digitalization solutions: Data monitoring with data and process mining. Use of AI algorithms. Automation of repetitive activities through RPA solutions.
  • Digital supply chain: process analysis and monitoring. Process standardization (e.g. for SAP EWM). Interface connection (e.g. EDI, OpenAPI). Integration of a digital twin.
  • Smart Factory: Information networking in the factory (IoT/ IoS). Automation through robotics. Digitalization of the store floor.
  • Identification of use cases. Implementation support.
  • Simulation: Mapping of material and information flows. Dimensioning and validation of performance requirements and stress scenarios. Fine-tuning of system parameters.

Example 1

KPI Board Connected Supply Chain at a Leading Freight Forwarding Company

A global freight forwarding company was selected by an OEM as a pilot freight forwarder for a project called “Connected Supply Chain”. The goal of this project was to provide the OEM with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the delivering trucks every 5 minutes based on GPS data. The OEM divided the project into three phases – hypercare phase, stabilization phase and series operation – which spanned a total of 16 weeks. To ensure process and data quality, approximately 30 key performance indicators (KPIs) were defined for these phases. For example, each status message transmitted by a truck was to contain a geo position. For this purpose, the alphaX experts developed a KPI board in cooperation with the customer. Various SQL queries were used to access the data recorded by the trucks. In order to be able to influence the KPIs, one or more reports were created for each KPI. Detailed information could be viewed via these in order to subsequently derive measures.

Example 2

Introduction of a fully integrated IT system and a robust logistics organization.

Supporting a vehicle project in the start-up phase and simultaneously designing and introducing a new IT system including logistics processes – and all this in a company network spanning three countries! The long-term goal: an A rating with an automotive OEM. The consultants from alphaX were able to help with this challenge. Planning, programming, implementation and testing were processed in a structured manner in an interdisciplinary team in agile Scrum mode.

Example 3

Introduction of standardized lifecycle management at an automotive OEM

When new IT systems are to be introduced and integrated into an existing IT system landscape, the greatest challenge is always to ensure a smooth transition into operation. Among other things, this requires stringent IT lifecycle management. In this case, conformity with applicable Group regulations and guidelines had to be ensured in particular, e.g., with regard to the preparation of software validation procedures and the initiation of IT security approval processes. With the introduction of standard IT processes and consistent documentation, the alphaX experts created the basis for continuous lifecycle management of the systems.

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