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The Company

We are experts for digitalization in the field of mobile apps and browser-based applications. For more than 15 years, we have been developing software and thus driving the digitalization of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. The focus of alphaX is on the development of turnkey and customized projects for demanding customers.

Company Values

Values are very important to us, not only professionally but also privately. You can find some of the things we value in our catalog of values, which we developed as a team.

The story of alphaX

Frank HartmannFrank Hartmann

alphaX Digital Services GmbH in Munich has developed into a consulting company with holistic aspirations. Their service catalog ranges from analysis, consulting, implementation and customer-specific digitalization to the aftercare of their projects.Founded by Frank Hartmann, the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman of the holding company ACP, the company has developed into a significant team player in the IT landscape in 15 years. While in the beginning there were small orders from friends and acquaintances, larger and larger orders from industrial, trade and companies were added. Today, alphaX counts many medium-sized companies and corporations from many industries among its customers.

But how did it come about in the first place?

Frank Hartmann has always been an extremely talented programmer. At the tender age of 13, he was already selling software online that he had programmed himself – and the anonymity of the Internet at the time made up for the fact that he was not yet ready for business. The school career was followed through and stringently refined by a study of computer science at the University of Darmstadt. His studies in Computer Science focused on Distributed Software Systems and Cryptography. It wasn’t until he started working for a software company in Silicon Valley, USA, that Frank Hartmann discovered that what he had learned theoretically in his studies could now be applied in the real world. The whole thing was called “Bitcoin.” More on that later.

Sent back to Germany, he set about establishing another location for the U.S. company in Munich. During his time in Munich, he met his wife, who is from Ukraine. On several visits to her home country, Frank got to know her fellow students, all of whom were also IT specialists. The idea of founding a company in the field of nearshoring was obvious and was realized. The first customer projects were won quickly. For many years alphaX has been working decentralized with our partners in different nearshore countries and could gain a lot of experience in this area. Read more in our report about nearshoring.

Fascinated by new IT business models and still by the ever-growing blockchain technology and the manifold and promising opportunities it offers, several companies came into existence through Frank Hartmann’s involvement. These include Blockchain Applications AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, Connact GmbH, Greenkeeper GmbH, Scalisto GmbH, Dicevisuals GmbH and several more, which, like alphaX Digital Services GmbH, are grouped under the holding company Angel Capital Partners GmbH. This holding is constantly being expanded by its two shareholders Frank Hartmann and Andreas Brenauer. The main focus here is clearly on alphaX, which in a way constitutes the technological heart of the group. Frank Hartmann and Andreas Brenauer are both passionate entrepreneurs who are supported by a fabulous team, which is made up of people from the most diverse areas. While IT provides the majority of the staff, others complement and complete the company with their expertise from management consulting, M&A, education, automotive, mechanical engineering and other industries, with their areas of operations, supply chain, controlling, banking, sales/marketing, etc. and design, thus rounding out the competencies of alphaX.

Attitude and performance play an overriding role at alphaX, in tune of course with our set of values, which includes the goals for sustainability (environmental, economic and social) as well as our responsibility for our planet. Applicants who share these attitudes, morals and behaviors are welcome to join our team.


alphaX is a 100% subsidiary of the holding Angel Capital Partners GmbH.

Its sister companies in the group complement it very well and cover the following areas:

Service / Area Logos Company name Website
Management Consulting Angel Capital Partners GmbH Angel Capital Partners GmbH
Blockchain applications Blockchain Applications AG Blockchain Applications AG
UI/UX design Dicevisuals GmbH Dicevisuals GmbH
Digital Marketing Scalisto GmbH Scalisto GmbH
Gaming BlocInteractive OÜ BlocInteractive OÜ /
CO2 emissions Greenkeeper GmbH Greenkeeper GmbH
Social Network Connact GmbH Connact GmbH
Real estate management Volta Partners S.L. Volta Partners S.L.
… and more … … and more … … and more …

Support for our colleagues in Ukraine

Since we have been expanding our Ukrainian team for many years, the current developments are currently a challenge for us as a whole team. Our teams are based in the cities of Nikolayev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Kyiv – some of which have been badly hit by the armed conflicts.
We are happy to say that we can help our developers by providing a secure job and thus a reliable source of income. We are doing our utmost to help our colleagues on site to make life positive for you in these difficult times.
Even if many local jobs would otherwise be lost, our programmers still have a secure income. That was also the case in the times of Corona – a time that we fortunately got through well shoulder to shoulder thanks to our distributed work.
If the local people are also important to you, please contact us – because the more people we can provide work for there, the more families have better prospects for the future.


Our managing directors introduce themselves:

The Company
Hello, hello, my name is Frank Hartmann and I am the managing director of alphaX and the managing partner of the parent company Angel Capital Partners.
The alphaX embodies a deep-rooted passion of mine, which is creating new products and using technology to solve challenges.
At a young age I started to understand computers as tools and to work with them. More than 20 years ago I started developing the first websites by hand, which then switched from desktop PCs to mobile devices in the form of mobile apps in 2008. As part of my computer science studies, I professionalized my passion. While I initially only focused on security, scalability, data integrity and performance, I can now consider myself very fortunate to be able to comprehensively expand our range of services as a company with a top-class team of competent and outstanding employees. So today we combine the most diverse disciplines from consulting to project management, conception, design, development and of course technical support.
If your project can be tackled with software, then we make the best of it.
Frank Hartman
Executive Partner
Mobil: +49172 2334673
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The Company
Hello, I’m Anderas Brenauer, shareholder / sales and marketing manager of alphaX Digital Services GmbH and shareholder of our holding Angel Capital Partners GmbH (ACP).
The topic of digitalization is close to my heart, as German companies occupy one of the last places in a European comparison. Customized, turnkey digitalization is a must in order to keep Germany competitive. Digitalization is not an end in itself, but must fit well into the company processes. I would be happy to support you in this.
In particular, I am interested in providing our customers with excellent service and always finding new ways to uncover the greatest potential together.
In accordance with our canon of values, I represent our company to the outside world in a cordial manner, take responsibility for processes and always have an open ear for internal and external issues in order to develop the best solutions in each case.
In my free time, I like to go to the gym or do sports outside. Due to my diverse background, e.g. through languages ​​(Spanish, French, English, Italian, Russian, German) and many other fields of interest such as hunting, entrepreneurship, finance, communication, psychology, etc., I am often described internally as a “Swiss Army Knife” that is suitable for every situation .
I always find interesting and special people or entrepreneurs fascinating. Let’s talk!
Andreas Brenauer
Shareholder / Head of Sales and Marketing / Authorised Signatory
Mobile: +49 176 57675377
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