WirtschaftsWoche 13.04.2020

alphaX in der WirtschaftsWoche – “Krise als Chance”

The new world crisis brought by the coronavirus pandemic has already done a lot of damage. At the same time, it introduced opportunities for those ready to take them. One of the areas that can get profit from the new rules of the game is the IT field.

With the quarantine regulations, the necessity of more IT means has become urgent. In the first place, it concerns the areas of distant education, healthcare, and finances. But the needs are evident in all other fields. Modern business requires tools to ensure work and stability under the new circumstances.

The pandemic crisis can be a moving force for the German IT.

This question, together with other issues, were discussed in an interview that Mr. Frank Hartmann, the CEO of the alphaX group, gave to the WirtschaftsWoche magazine. The latest March entry included that interview in the Finance 4.0 section.

Mr. Hartmann shared his vision about the current status of IT in Germany. He also talked about the entrepreneurship challenges and the necessity to embrace the opportunities highlighted by the crisis. The questions concerning the powers of IT are more actual than ever.

Read the full “Crisis as an opportunity” / “Krise als Chance” interview online (https://www.inpactmedia.com/it/finance-40/krise-als-chance#3396):

How the pandemic world crisis could become the most powerful impulse for digitalization;
The level of investments in the IT sector of Germany – opposite to the popular beliefs, it does not require many funds;
The principal and most prospective directions of digitalization – fintech, agile approaches, micro-contracts, and so on.

The article has already reached almost a million readers.

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Frank Hartmann has been elected a mentor for the Startupteens.de network

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